Get Authentic Asian Cuisine at Yong Kang Street in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Dim Sum: Delight in the Unique Flavors of Asia

The differences each culture has have brought about so many things. One of the wonderful things that we can all appreciate is the good food each culture has produced. For cravings of the rich savory tastes of Asia, step into the lobby of the Paris Hotel and Casino and find the only Las Vegas dim sum. restaurant on The Strip, the Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House. Their convenient and easy to find location is perfect for tourists who are seeing the wonderful sights in Las Vegas. They’re also great for getting a snack in the middle of the night when those dim sum cravings hit as they close at 3am.

Simple Table Manners

Immersing in the culture of another doesn’t involve food but it also involves getting to know the culture of the place the brought about this scrumptious flavors. When enjoying the Las Vegas Chinatown dim sum the restaurant offers, it would be best to pair it with tea. The tea flavors just mix so well together with the Juicy Pork Dumplings or the Steamed Pork Dumplings that Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House serves. According to Advanced Etiquette, when receiving tea that goes along with dim sum tapping 2 fingers on the table signals appreciation to the pourer. This is a non-verbal way to say thanks for the tea without interrupting the flow of the conversation.

For noodles, Chow Hound states that slurping the noodles is accepted. The reason for this is that these noodles are usually served seriously hot. Slurping saves the tongue from getting burnt by taking in cool air in your mouth while eating the noodles. The result is that delicious fresh noodle flavor and a very happy unburnt tongue. This is also seen as a sign of appreciation for the food and is usually well-received. Try this out with the Yong Kang Lobster Noodle or if looking for a spicy treat the Taiwanese Style Beef Noodle will surely hit the spot.

Hit the Savory Spot

Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House crafts their dumplings by hand and only use the freshest ingredients. That is why they offer the best Las Vegas dim sum. Taste over 20 varieties of freshly made dim sum. For cold nights, noodles are the best warm-me-up meal that will leave you feeling happily cozy. Treat yourself today to the best authentic Taiwanese cuisine in Las Vegas and get to the very first dim sum carts on The Strip. Making a reservation has been made even easier through their online form on their site. Call them at (702)778-8180 today!


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