Pointers for Increasing Handgun Accuracy

CCW classes in Las Vegas: Improving Your Aim

As they say, practice makes perfect. This wise old saying is actually applicable to many things including handgun accuracy. Drop by Green Valley Range’s facility and get treated to the top-notch services that they offer. It isn’t hard to find them as they are Henderson’s sole indoor shooting range. They are perfect for beginners as they offer classes that teach about gun safety. They even have a free firearm safety training for children ages 7 – 15 years old. The regularly offer CCW classes in Las Vegas as well. Known for being the warmest and friendliest indoor gun shooting range in Las Vegas, beginners will surely feel at ease while practicing in their facility. Their range fee is $20 for the first shooter. This already takes care of the refreshments, eye and ear protection, targets, and one sonic handgun cleaning.

Accuracy Pointers

Before starting on learning the basic firearm drill, one must know the utmost rule of gun safety. Wikipedia has a compiled list of gun safety rules by different organizations but one rule resonates above all others. This is to treat every gun, no matter what, as if it is a loaded gun. Safety checks should be done now and then to avoid accidents. Moving on to gun handling, one of the best drills that beginners and enthusiast can do is to practice by dry firing. Dry firing is the act of firing without any ammunition. According to Gun Vault, this is an inexpensive way to practice sight alignment and trigger control. This can be done for hours to develop muscle memory and be familiar with the physical feeling of pulling the trigger.  

Another pointer that is highly encouraged is to simply learn about basic gun handling. Green Valley Range offers Las Vegas CCW classes that include a written test and a proficiency exam. They are 5-8 hours long and are held by the range mostly on weekends and sometimes on weekdays. These classes start at 9am. Sign up today on their website for a class or check out other classes interesting classes that they offer.

Finest Range for Practice

Once you are done with the best Las Vegas NV CCW classes conducted by Green Valley Range. Go ahead and check out their impressive 15-yard lanes. They have 14 lanes, 7 are private and the other 7 are public. Casino workers get $5 off on weekdays and ladies get $10 off every Thursday. Check out their site for more amazing promos. Don’t forget to visit the machine gun package section for a new experience. They open from Mondays to Fridays; 11am to 7pm and Saturdays to Sundays; 8am to 7pm. Call them today at (702)979-9494 to inquire about the classes or email them at info@greenvalleyrange.com. Perfect your technique today!


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