Easy Self-Defense Tactics Everybody Should Remember

Las Vegas Tactical Training: Learn How to Defend Yourself

In recent news, there has been a widespread panic regarding people dressing up as menacing clowns and terrorizing communities all over the country. Some people say that these are simply pranks to illicit frightened reactions from other people. Even then, there are cases where pranks go overboard and potentially harm other people. In an article in The Washington Post, it has been reported that a woman from Reading, Ohio has been a victim of these said clown attacks. It was just last month that a man dressed in a clown costume grabbed the woman by the throat and proceeded to express serious threats to her as well as the local school. Fortunately, the woman as unharmed but also resulted in schools in the area to close down for the day. This is the reason as to why everyone should learn self-defense. To learn more about effective Las Vegas tactical training, consider the courses CRI Counter Terrorism Training offers. Their website provides an outline of the courses that could potentially save your life. Contact them through email at cri@critraining.com to learn more about the amazing training they offer.

Remember These Moves

While it is true that no one really wants to be in a place where self-defense is needed, it is still very important to prepare. Equipping yourself with simple moves could increase your chances of escaping a life threatening situation. Survival Mastery provides these few self-defense pointers to remember:

  • Target the Eyes

Since the eyes typically are soft, they are considered as vulnerable points in the body that are susceptible to attacks. Target your attacker’s eyes and use your fingers to scratch and poke. Using your fingers and knuckles hit those eyes hard to temporarily blind your attacker.

  • Hit the Nose

Aiming for the nasal bones is key. Using the heel of the palm, hit the attacker up under the nose with the force of your entire body. If the attacker is behind, a good elbow to the face will also help.

  • Attack the Throat

Use a karate chop to the throat. It is where the main veins are most exposed. This can stun the attacker giving you time to escape. A short strong blow to the windpipe can also be made to restrict the attacker’s breathing.

Take a course tactical training in Las Vegas NV today. CRI Counter Terrorism Training offers shorter-term courses like the Counter Kidnapping course. Through this training, civilians are taught how to survive in abduction scenarios.

Protect Yourself

CRI Counter Terrorism Training provides the best Las Vegas Israeli tactical training. Their Counter Kidnapping course has been designed in accordance with the sophisticated techniques that criminals and terrorist organizations make use of. Give them a call today at (888)260-7050 / (702)222-3489 and learn how to be your own hero.


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