Avoid Slips at Work with Dickies Slip-Resistant Footwear

Workers with jobs in dangerous working environments such as the kitchen and the health facility are more in danger for slip-and-fall injuries. Physically damaging accidents can be an end result for running and scrambling employees, especially if they work with spills while washing or training. The good news is that any worker can avert these kinds of accidents with wearing the proper slip-resistant type of shoes at work – one of the best of which is Las Vegas Dickies. Las Vegas Uniforms have Dickies in their store and are the largest uniform store in Las Vegas. Apart from carrying the most important selection of scientific scrubs within the metropolis, they also have slip-resistant footwear in inventory for virtually all trades.

Places and Ways Slips Can Happen

Apart from the kitchen, individuals who work in hospitals and health care facilities are also prone to slips. The Bureau of Labor records have recounted in their 2015 report that falls, trips and slips account for 29.3% of accidents at work. In worse instances, these injuries would more often than not have a critically damaging effect that would require extra days off work, and a decreased capacity to participate in the job on the equal level than before.

Slips and falls are also regarded to be the most essential causes of accidents in restaurants. In line with Tips Squared’s findings, 24% of slip-and-fall accidents within the kitchen are exclusively because of improper footwear. Additionally, they also said that Las Vegas NV Dickies shoes have been validated to decrease the hazards of slipping and falling by as low as 50%. In easy terms, slipping and falling in the kitchen are the most probable cause of accident. There is additionally an increased hazard for men and women within the healthcare and kitchen trade to slip and fall than in using a knife while preparing or finishing dinner. First-class slip-resistant sneakers are the answer to restricting these mistakes. When ordering your uniforms, Las Vegas Uniforms can control corporate debts and significant team orders. They have got an inventory big and ample enough for businesses, institutions and different organizations that demand a big quantity of uniforms for their staff.

Avoiding Slips at Work

Staff can also take extra measures to diminish the probabilities of falling other than just wearing the proper type of footwear. The fact is, it doesn’t matter what job position you may have in hazardous working environments or what sort of organization you work for – reducing the possibility of tripping, slipping and falling is the ideal way to prevent further accidents.

Visit to know more Check out why Dickies Store Las Vegas is a Pioneer in Uniforms by dropping by Las Vegas Uniforms today. They are located at 967 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas. Or simply call at (702)734-7070!


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