Tips on Proper Care for Your Medical Stethoscope

It has already been proven through a study by the US National Library of Medicine that stethoscopes can spread infectious agents but a lot of people are still debating whether cleaning them is important or not. Sadly, however, a lot of the people working in the medical field are a tad bit careless when it comes to proper care of their Reno Stethoscopes. Some don’t even know the proper way of disinfecting them. Located at the heart of Reno, Reno Uniforms make available to healthcare providers a wide array of medical uniforms and scrubs as well as medical accessories that range from thermometers to antimicrobial bags. Their uniform experts have weighed in on the issue and have shared a couple of tips in caring for your stethoscopes.

The Correct Process of Disinfecting

  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. A study from The Journal of Family Practice has stated that isopropyl alcohol reduces bacterial colonization. This solution can be bought anywhere in the market in various forms such as pads, wipes and more popularly in bottles. The 19,000 square feet facility of Reno Uniforms located at 70 West Taylor Street prides in the largest display of work wear, especially in healthcare. This strategic location is for making their services accessible to their clients as well as to service the entire state of Nevada.
  • Hand Wash Containing Ethanol. This is the most convenient disinfection when it comes to cleaning Reno Best Stethoscopes. Foamy hand wash containing ethanol does not have to be rinsed with running water and is always available for use.
  • Antibacterial Soap or Wipes. This kind of soap and wipes has not been legitimately proven to disinfect but they are the most accessible alternative when cleaning your stethoscopes. It can easily be bought in just about any store or supermarket around and is available in the hospital or at home. When it comes to customization of uniforms, Reno Uniforms have embroidery and tailoring services under one roof. They also offer corporate accounts for bulk orders and have been servicing known organizations such as the Highway Patrol, Nevada Job Connect and Siegel Suites.

Don’ts of Stethoscope Cleaning

Sterilization of medical instruments is popularly known to be of great use in hospitals but Stethoscopes in Reno should never be subjected to this method of cleaning since heat can change its components, destroying its usability. In addition, they should never be soaked in water containing any form of disinfectant or dried using a heater or any mechanical device. Instead, it should only be rinsed in running water and only air-dried.
Stethoscopes play a vital role in the healthcare industry but if you are not yet sure What Not to Wear with Your Reno Scrubs, then asking advice from the staff of Reno Uniforms can alleviate your worries. Call them today at (775) 657-6025 or send them an email at


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