Must-Visit Destinations Down in Sin City

You’ll find that Las Vegas has a lot of stories to tell if you take time to look at its rich history. It has been proven to be the ultimate adult playground according to most people. Today, well, the casinos and clubs are still there, in addition to some new attractions that are also worth mentioning. Vegas Trike Adventures provides motorcycle tours Las Vegas that will take you through the famous Fremont street, a fun way to see the heart of Las Vegas. Expected this year are 13 new things that are coming your way, according to Thrill List. A new experience is what you’re going to get every time you make a visit. Since Vegas Trike Adventures also provides guided tours, you’re sure to get the best Vegas experience there is, in a shorter amount of time. But what else is out there apart from casinos and lavish resorts?

The Old Downtown – A Little Flashback

The famous saying, “you’ll have know where you came from to know where you’re going”, can be said as well for Las Vegas. A place that came from a little oasis and bloomed into the biggest tourist destinations in the West. Greeting you when you enter is the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign when you get in one of those Las Vegas best motorcycle tours. A historic part of the city, this is something that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Historic Downtown Las Vegas is a sight to see, letting you peek into how they did it back in the day. Drop by the famous Fremont Street Experience, know as the Glitter Gulch for most. According to Vegas, the highly infectious and overly used term, “cray cray” is to describe the Fremont Street Experience. Take a peek at the chapel where Elvis got married or perhaps drop by Container Park, little flashback to how it was before.

Change is Constant in Vegas

When you get to experience the old downtown Las Vegas, you can actually compare the big difference from what it is right now. Vegas is always renovating, expanding, changing. Newer attractions have been added, for the better. The Pawn Stars shop from the hit TV show is here so you can certainly take a look and check out the place, with the Pawn Plaza right next to it. Iconic custom car shop from the show Counting Cars is here for your automobile satisfaction. Motorcycle tours in Las Vegas are a fun way to get to know the city a little bit more intimately, and Vegas Trike Adventures will be there to make sure of that.

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