Authentic and Tasty Taiwanese Dim Sum in Las Vegas

When faced with situations that bring us stress, we tend to reach for snacks to make us feel happy like mashed potatoes or dim sum treats. The Daily Mail reports that comfort food really does make us feel better. However, due to the high fat content in most comfort food makes it an unhealthy snack. So aside from providing us with positive emotions, comfort food can also provide the risk of us spiraling into obesity. Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House can help resolve that dilemma. Being the only place on The Strip that serves Las Vegas best dim sum with an authentic Taiwanese touch. Visiting their restaurant at the Lobby of Paris Hotel and Casino will surely bring that healthy balance of happiness to the table. Check them out today and eat snacks that put a smile on your face without adding on those extra pounds.

Eat Healthier Snacks

Go ahead and drop by Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House. Las Vegas best dim sum served at the restaurant is bite sized. This allows for a better control of the portions that are being eaten therefore avoiding the risk of overeating. A visit to their restaurant will not only give you the best dim sum in Vegas but will also give you tea that has health boosting properties. As Mind Body Green states that there are many health benefits of consuming tea. That is why a yum cha session fills your heart as well as help improve health.

  • Tea has the ability to make the hormones in our body that produce stress spike less often. This helps us as cortisol not only contributes to those pesky belly fats we just can’t shed but also make the skin age faster. Reduce stress by drinking tea hence avoiding that “stressed-out” look.
  • A least 3 cups of black tea per day helps in decreasing the risk of getting a stroke.
  • Boosting overall health is one of the positive benefits of tea. Studies have shown that due to the many health benefits tea provides, tea drinkers are associated with better health.

Healthy Authentic Treats

Head over to Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House and eat the best dim sum Vegas has to offer. Treat yourself to freshly handmade dim sum served in the first dim sum carts on The Stip. Bring your friends and family along with you. Aside from more than 20 varieties of dim sum, the restaurant also serves noodles as well as sushi so there’s something for everyone. Check out the tasty menu on their site or better yet give them a call today at (702)778-8180.


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