Learn How to Play the Piano from the Best in Reno

Almost everyone can agree that music has that unique ability to take away the stress we feel from our hectic lives. Whether it is by putting on a Jazz CD, visiting some music stores in Reno, or by simply playing an instrument, there is something magically soothing about music that can automatically transport us to our happy place. According to Sound-Mind, music is a great stress management tool. Playing an instrument or taking piano lessons helps a person focus their attention more on the positive things in life rather than dwell in stressful situations. This allows us to take a break from the things that cause anxiety. For the best piano lessons Reno offers, check out Blue Note B’s Horn Shop. Located at 1155 West 4th Street, Suite 118, Reno NV and just off the Keystone Exit, inside the Save Mart Shopping Center. Visiting them will give you a chance to meet with highly-experienced musicians who teach at the store. They offer a wide range of lessons from French horn to the piano and many more.

A Smarter Stress-Free Self

There are many benefits of learning the piano. Aside from the reduction of stress, enrolling in piano lessons in music stores in Reno also helps enhance the neural connections in our brains. As stated by Health Fitness Revolution, playing the piano potentially heightens brain functions. It fires up the neural connections even activating those dormant pathways. This benefits both young and old who are interested in playing the piano by giving the brain a regular exercise to stay sharp. In a study, it was indicated that kids who took piano lessons are likely to be more intelligent in the classroom. For adults, playing the piano boosts the Human Grown Hormone which helps reduce muscular pains that come with age.

There may be multiple Reno music stores however, only Blue Note B’s Horn Shop offers the best piano lessons for all ages and all levels. They are open Mondays to Fridays at 9am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 6pm and are closed on Sundays. They also offer an affordable rental of high-quality instruments without any interest. They have new and used options available. Perfect for beginners who are still discovering their musical side.

Professional Music Teachers

Enroll in a piano lesson in one of the best music stores Reno today! Interested in something else? Check out the other instruments Blue Note B’s Horn Shop has. The brands that they carry for rentals are ones that are trusted by music teachers. Renting an instrument from them gives potential students a free 15-minute lesson from a professional musician as well. Check out their website for a complete list of lessons they offer. Give them a call today at (775)453-9219.


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