Increase Your Little One’s IQ with Music Lessons

Over the years, it has been widely confirmed that music lessons help children excel in school – mentally, socially and physically. piano lessons Reno is basically in the same level as the alphabet in aiding a child’s mental progress and, in fact, according to PBS Parent, the effects of music education can benefit children from language development to increase of IQ. Yet some parents still doubt these valuable benefits to their child. If you are one of them, Blue Note B’s Horn Shop is just the right place for you! They mainly do repairs and expert maintenance on a wide range of musical instruments but they also boast their music lessons which are taught by only their highly-talented and passionate music teachers.

Music Lessons Promote Mental Activity

Playing music is considered to be a mental exercise for the brain, not to mention a beneficial hobby to most. Lessons help increase motor and auditory functions in children to help them distinguish between different sounds and tones. Piano lessons Reno can make a child develop neurophysiological distinction which helps in increasing literacy on children, as reported by TIME Magazine. At Blue Note B’s Horn Shop, you get to have a 15-minute music lesson of your choice upon renting a new or used musical instrument. Aside from this, they have three resident technicians that are highly skilled in responding and repairing any technical difficulties you may have with your instrument.

Other Benefits of Music Lessons

When your children undergo piano lesson Reno, they benefit from it not just mentally, giving them increased levels of focus and IQ. They also develop social and physical improvements such as good posture and higher self-esteem. Piano lessons in Reno has also proven to have helped teens pass their SAT with impressive scores. The earlier a child receives musical instructions, the faster he maintains cognitive development. The staff of Blue Note B’s Horn Shop are very passionate about music in general that their main goal is to give their clients an amazing experience with music through their services. In fact, they guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate with their repairs!

Are you still torn about making your child learn a musical instrument? Talk to

Blue Note B’s Horn Shop today to get a feel of the benefits of music! Their shop is open at 9am to 7pm every weekdays and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays, and are located at 1155 West 4th Street, Suite 118 in Reno – just off Keystone Exit and inside SaveMart Shopping Center. You can also give them a call at (775) 453-9219 for more information.

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