CBD for Dogs: Anxiety Relief with Dog Marijuana

Marijuana use in the medical and even veterinary field is still an issue being debated by many, maybe because of the negative ideas surrounding the plant in popular culture. Dog marijuana treats are now being sold in the market and seem to be a good means of alternative therapy for anxiety in canines. The key ingredient is cannabidiol(CBD), not psychoactive like THC – but greatly reduces stress and anxiety, according to Bark Post. Considered an innovation in modern medicine, according to an article posted in Seven Leaf Pets, it’s use is still heavily criticized in some societies. Although this kind of thing is happening, marijuana dogs can be seen out and about, living a happy and contented life with their owners, making the most out of every moment. Every dog owner would love to see their beloved furry companions enjoying their lives. Marijuana may be the answer, but it’s up to you to let others see the wonders it can do. Anxiety is one major problem all dog owners face. But what can you do to alleviate your canine friends from this?

Marijuana for  Dog Treatment Among Other Methods

Your cute and cuddly pet can turn into a destructive one if experiencing anxiety. Personal belongings and other stuff in the home can be victims of this. You can actually ease them from anxiety with dog marijuana  treats that not only relieves anxiety but keeps them healthy, too. However, keep in mind that dogs metabolize the stuff differently than humans according to 2nd Chance. You should also, as a responsible dog owner, give time for your dogs. A simple walk in the park, a brief daily exercise, and training, are known to relieve stress and anxiety. Your time is important to them.

Knowing How Much is Needed for your Pets

Being a responsible dog owner, you must know that you can’t just administer or give your pets any dose that you want. There are strict rules to follow – and it is imperative that you follow them by heart. Usually, the prescribed dosage would be according to their weight, that’s why you need to be updated on your dog’s’ weight as exceeding the prescribed dosage could lead to a potential overdose which means a trip to the vet, or worse. Be responsible. Know your dogs intimately. It’s one way of showing them love, like the love they show at Seven Leaf Pets. If you want to know more, visit them at 3495 Lakeside Drive, Reno, Nevada. You can reach them as well at 775-453-4696 or through e-mail at fetch@sevenleafpets.com.


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