Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas: Make Your Secret Agent Dreams a Reality

When thinking of bachelor parties in Vegas, booze, bar hopping, and partying ‘til the sun goes up comes to mind. Aside from getting hangovers and fatigue, partying all night with the boys could potentially put you in compromising situations that could upset your bride-to-be. However, there is an alternate adventure you and your friends can enjoy. Vegas Tactical Adventures offers one of the best alternative outdoor activities Las Vegas has to offer. They have adventure packages that allow customers to become a superhero or a secret agent for a day. According to BBC, Matt Damon had to go through rigorous training for his role in the 2016 movie “Jason Bourne”. The actor himself said that training to reprise his role as a former secret agent was brutal. Not to worry, though. The training at Vegas Tactical Adventures is designed for customers to have lots of fun while learning valuable skills that secret agents possess. Call them today at their toll-free number (888)285-0222 to register for a heart-pounding adventure.

Secret Agent Outdoor Activities Las Vegas

Anybody who has watched the Bourne films can say that the combat skills in the movie are pretty cool. A visit to Vegas Tactical Adventures convenient location just 10 miles off the Las Vegas Strip at 1727 Stocker Street, North Las Vegas will give customers authentic training from a world-class Special Forces training company. The company has instructors who are highly trained and can provide the most realistic situations for a better training experience.

As stated by WikiHow, fighting against a knife with your bare hands is quite dangerous with an 80% risk of injury. Learning how to defend yourself by disarming weapons is important. That is why engaging in Las Vegas outdoor activities like the Secret Agent Adventure is not only fun but also beneficial as they teach skills that may save your lives in the future. The adventure will have customers learning how to jump from moving vehicles, disarm weapons, escape from captivity, even driving while handcuffed behind your back, and so much more. Afterward, these skills are tested in an adrenaline pumping exercise as a final test to apply everything customers have learned.

Great Group Discounts

Aside from learning a unique set of skills, these alternative outdoor activities in Las Vegas also provide free transportation from Strip Hotels, t-shirts, and certificates. The best part is that Vegas Tactical Adventures offers discounts for groups with more than 8 people. Perfect for the groom’s whole entourage. Send them an email at for your inquiries. Check out their website today top pick from the many adventure packages they offer.


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