Ditch the Frozen Dim Sum Aisle! Eat Only Fresh and Best Dim Sum Las Vegas

Everyone knows that the Las Vegas Strip is home to the most attractive tourist sites. However, in the Lobby of Paris Hotel and Casino is a hidden gem that serves the best dim sum Las Vegas has to offer. Open daily and closing in the wee hours of the morning Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House is bustling with the energy of good food that never fails to satisfy those dim sum cravings. Bad news for the frozen food section as the restaurant’s convenient hours and location makes it perfect for locals and tourist alike. Enjoy more than 20 varieties of dim sum served in the first ever dim sum carts that Strip has ever seen. Check out their website today or better yet visit them for a quick tasty snack to make your day complete.

Tasty, Fresh and Authentic

It doesn’t get any better than Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House selection of tasty Taiwanese bite-sized treats. What makes them rise above the rest is that they are made fresh daily. That means every single day customers are treated to the finest authentic dim sum Las Vegas offers. Handcrafted to perfection by the restaurant’s skillful chefs, every single bite fills your mouth with an explosion of Asian flavors.

However, some people still argue that frozen dumplings are cheaper and save more money. That is a big lie, though, because, in the long run, the preservatives in these foods will catch up with the body thus risking health and overall wellness. Wikipedia explains sodium benzoate as a popularly used preservative to extend food shelf life of food like those frozen dim sum we enjoy from time to time. Live Strong reports that when this dangerous chemical, found in frozen dumplings, is combined with vitamin C, it turns into benzene which is a well-known carcinogen and causes a slew of other diseases. To make the long story short, it is good for shelf life but not good for human life.

Munch On the Best Dim sum in Vegas

Save your money for the real deal! Forgo the frozen dumplings and head over to Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House for the best dim sum Las Vegas has ever crafted. The restaurant is open daily from 10am to 3am perfect for a brunch date or a midnight snack. Not in the mood for dim sum? Why not try the restaurant’s famous Taiwanese Noodles. Try the Dandan Noodles for an extra spicy kick to warm up the cool Las Vegas nights. Grab that phone today and call (702)778-8180 to make reservations. Grab your friends as well and share with them the beauty of these simple yet oh-so-delicious Asian treats!


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