Read and Share This Life-Saving Las Vegas DUI Tip Today

According to News Week, there were 38,300 lives lost due to vehicular accidents in 2015. Moreover, there were 4.4 million who were injured due to the same reasons that same year. This makes for the highest increase in the percentage of motor vehicle accidents within a year for the past 50 years. With that said, road safety should always be considered. For those who have come out unscathed with only a mere citation for speeding or a Las Vegas DUI, contact The Ticket Fixer to help fight those charges. Compared to those quick-fix cheap resolution firms who are not able to properly represent clients in court, The Ticket Fixer is a legitimate law firm run by an actual licensed lawyer. The firm’s team will appear in court on behalf of their clients to ensure they achieve best possible resolutions for a case. Drop by their firm today at 623 South, 6th Street, Las Vegas.

Why Driving Drunk is Never Okay.

A question on Quora asked, how a driver can drive under the influence safely when they are alone. The common denominator to most of the answers was a big resounding “Just don’t.” This is because alcohol not only lowers reaction times but also lowers inhibitions. This may lead to drivers driving at a faster speed and not being able to react immediately when faced with an obstacle on the road. An answer by a Former Police Officer stated that loud music, low speed, bringing on other passengers, as well as getting some air is ineffective in sobering drivers up enough to drive. Only time will make a driver sober. Additionally, the Former Police Officer stated that driving drunk is considered as much worse than Russian roulette. This is because driving under the influence endangers not only yourself but every driver you encounter as well. So to sum it up, simply don’t drink and drive. Have someone drive you home or take a cab for a much safer alternative.  

Resolving Your DUI in Las Vegas

Get representation from the best DUI lawyer Las Vegas has ever seen. The Ticket Fixer is the leading law firm in resolving DUI cases. Moreover, they have an outstanding record for successful DUI resolution cases. Give them a call today at (702) 257-7171 and avail of the free legal no obligations evaluation that they offer for potential clients. Apart from that, clients are also provided open and clear communication as the law firm understands how stressful it is to wait for an outcome. They regularly update their clients on the status of the case to ensure they are well-informed. Visit their site today!

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