The Secret Behind the Tastiest Poke Fish Bowl Las Vegas

Leave it to the talented people at Poukei in Las Vegas to turn a simple and delicious classic poke dish into a creative masterpiece. The word poke comes from a Hawaiian verb that means “to section” so naturally the dish is made of slices or chunks of fish marinated for that extra flavor. It may sound already so wonderful yet the poke fish bowl Las Vegas offers at Poukei gets a creative make over making it look like an edible piece of art that is exceptionally tasty. Check out their site and view the wide range of selections they offer from the subtly pleasant to the ones that gives your taste buds a wake up spark. Fair warning though, looking at the site’s photos will definitely induce food cravings!

Farm Fresh and Responsibly Sourced

The food at Poukei so succulently flavorful that it fills your mouth with happiness with spoonful.  However, there is actually no big reveal or no top secret process as to why the food over at Poukei is so irresistibly good. It’s simple. The Poke Bowls do not contain any frozen or canned ingredients. Going back to basics and using farm fresh vegetables as well as responsibly sourced fish and meat, is the key to these delectable dishes. Fresh produce, aside from providing full and pure flavor, also delivers more nutrients, substantial doses of the healthy fats, and aids in hydration at a cellular level.  

Go ahead and visit Poukei today and try out their delicious poke offerings. Taste the Octopus Salad Poke Bowl for a new and exciting dining experience. If you’re into spicy food then the Korean Poke Bowl will surely deliver that sweet and spicy goodness your taste buds crave. Better yet, have fun in choosing your own toppings and fillings with their “build your own” option for a personal and original treat!

All-Day Las Vegas Poke Bowl

For a fresh new look on healthy meals go visit Poukei at Suite 505, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas. Easy to locate and open all days of the week, Poukei is one restaurant who is always happy to serve. Drop by from Mondays to Thursdays at 11am to 11pm and Fridays to Saturdays at 11am to 12am and Sundays at 11am to 11pm for an all-day poke treat.  Las Vegas Tourist? Do a tour stopover at their restaurant today for the poke fish bowl Las Vegas offers. The fresh choices of best poke fish in Vegas will surely become a favorite of tourists and locals alike. They also offer their famous sushiburrito for a mix of the freshest ingredients as well as cultures both sides of the world. Get your poke fix today!

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