How Frequent Swimming Can Destroy Your Pearly Whites

Hot summer days can be frustrating. So when people start to feel the pricking heat, the cool waters of a swimming pool would automatically come in mind. Swimming can also result to a number of health benefits as it keeps a person fit and energized. But did you know that frequent exposure to swimming pool water can force you to seek the help of a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas?

Pool Water Dissolves Teeth

Besides the more visible damages that chlorinated water does to the skin and hair, very few people know that it also poses as a risk to tooth enamel. Vegas Smiles offers dental surgeries and procedures that cater to dental problems with varied causes, including alkaline saliva. Aside from chemical additives that kills bacteria, the water in swimming pools contain higher levels of pH compared to our own saliva. Naturally produced saliva is normally saturated and is neutral in terms of pH. But a research published for The British Journal has concluded that teeth starts dissolving below ph 5.5 – the critical pH level for the mouth.

The basic and ideal level of pH for swimming pools is between 7.2 and 7.6. Just like drinking fizzy drinks containing huge amounts of sugar, the natural minerals and calcium that are present in your teeth also hardens when exposed to pool water. Teeth erosion would eventually happen in time. But when combined with the chemical additives for antimicrobial purposes, the proteins and minerals in your teeth come together and form deposits that are hard and brownish in color. This tooth discoloration, however, can be reversible by regularly getting Vegas cosmetic dentistry assessments. In Vegas Smiles, they offer fast cleaning with their Zoom Teeth Whitening. And when paired with their CEREC Same Day Crowns, a painless procedure that replaces broken and damaged teeth, you can be sure to get the perfect smile you have always wished for!

If you have your own swimming pool at home, make sure you call a professional to get it checked for pH balance at least once a week. It may sound costly, but it is an investment you should highly consider. It will definitely save you from irreparable teeth damages in the future. On the other hand, people who regularly visit public pools can do their own acidity testing before dipping in. WikiHow provides a step-by-step in doing this test on your own and advises to buy pH strips at pool supply stores. It is also advisable to get regular dental cleaning with a Vegas best cosmetic dentist to prevent any further discoloration. The dental experts at Vegas Smiles accommodate and can respond to any dental queries when you email them at

Cosmetic Dentist In Las Vegas Can Get Rid Of Teeth Discoloration

Book an appointment with Vegas Smiles at the first sign of teeth discoloration and get your confidence back with their Laser Teeth Whitening. Visit their clinic at 4343 North Rancho or schedule a check up with their resident dentist by calling (702)395-7200.

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