When to Seek the Help of a Realty Solutions Company in Las Vegas

Investing in real estate can be an unattainable dream, as written in an article in Linkedin, that is why being able to buy a house is considered one of the most rewarding feelings in the world! Maintenance can be costly, sure, but what if you go on a vacation and come back only to be welcomed back by unfamiliar residents inside your home – one you bought with your hard-earned money? This is where realty solutions company Las Vegas come in and Tactical Real Estate Solutions is your best choice! They are a group of experts in real estate-related cases led by Steve Candelas, a law enforcement officer who served for 25 years and has notable work for the FBI. They also provide education about safety and crime prevention in Las Vegas neighborhoods.

The Redesigned Squatters Bill In Nevada

In the years 2007 and 2008, properties in Las Vegas have experienced a great decline and required a great need for Las Vegas realty solutions. This has paved the way for squatters to unlawfully inhabit a vacant house, usually up for selling by the homeowner, and use the utilities without paying anything. As a result, the Nevada Legislature passed AB 286 which, according the the Nevada Legislature Homepage, is a law that books squatters with misdemeanor offenses following numerous warnings from the real homeowners to vacate the premises. But this law presented a lot of loopholes for squatters as law enforcement officers and homeowners cannot remove them with force.

This prompted the Nevada Legislature to redesign the bill and pass Assembly Bill 386 during their 78th Session. This new law immediately took effect last October 1, 2015 and has later on adopted the name “Squatter Issue.” It further provides solutions for Las Vegas realty and protection for homeowners by creating a detailed eviction process for squatters and ultimately charging them with newly passed criminal offenses such as unlawful occupancy and housebreaking. Tactical Real Estate Solutions uses this bill to legally and expediently remove squatters. With their experience in law enforcement, they further increase positive results by eliminating risks of scammers to use your property illegally. If proven that a squatter has been enticed through a rental scam, they are consequently given only 30 days to vacate the premises.

Get Rid Of Squatters With Realty Solutions Company Las Vegas

Are you in need of a good property representation? Do you have a squatter problem that needs to be resolved within a lesser period of time? Contact Tactical Real Estate Solutions now and experience their Quality Services In Squatter Removal! Call them at (702)901-9390 for quick and effective results!

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