Easing Stress with Music Lessons from Blue Note B’s

Chronic stress is a bummer. The more of it we have the more tired we feel! Change the way your body reacts to stress by visiting music stores in Reno and taking up music lessons. Here at Blue Note B’s Horn Shop we offer relaxing and affordable lessons to help ease stress from everyday life. Choose from the wide range of instruments from the playful violin, piano or guitar, to soothing wind instruments like the saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, English horn and French horn. We have highly experienced teachers that encourage students young and old to explore their creative side and forget all about the fuss and muss we face every single day.

Stress and Music

Stress is one of the body’s top survival tool. However, too much of that can turn this natural “fight or flight” reaction into a serious health risk. Fight chronic stress with music. Every time we feel threatened our bodies turn on a particular switch and produces the stress hormones. Long-term exposure to stress wires the body in a way that the stress response switch is always turned on. Apart from the calming and meditative effect listening to music has on us, playing musical instruments distracts our brains from the stress and gradually takes us off the ongoing tension train that our bodies have been used to.

At Blue Note B’s Horn Shop, we make sure the every student feels comfortable with the instruments that they play. This is to safeguard their confidence as sometimes a broken instrument will lead a student to think they are the problem. Apart from giving out music lessons the shop also has technicians who make sure that the instruments at the store are in their top condition. Visit us from Mondays to Saturdays and feel all the stress melt away.

Lessons with the Top Reno Music Stores

Of all the music stores Reno has, only Blue Note B’s Horn Shop offers the maximum flexibility. Having instrument rentals will help potential students find the ones that are best suited for them. We also have the option to choose between renting a new or a used instrument for a more budget friendly option. Not to worry, our skillful technicians regularly inspect these instruments to make sure they are in perfect working conditions especially the used ones.  Other music stores in Reno don’t offer the same flexibility as they do.  So what are you waiting for? Visit their store today for a stress busting experience. They are located at 1155 West 4th Street, Suite 118, Reno just off the Keystone Exit and inside the SaveMart Shopping Center. Call them at (775)453-9219 for driving directions.


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