Heard of Yong Kang’s Hot and Authentic Asian Noodles?

Noodles just have that little something in them which makes anyone eating it feel better. It might be because of the memory of being a kid and getting pampered with noodles and love whenever we feel under the weather. However, as adults, the luxury of being showered with TLC at home comes rarely. Luckily, Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House serves authentic Asian noodles to make the hell week at our jobs feel better. Created by masterful chefs, the wide variety of noodle soups they offer range from delicate to savory to spicy with a choice of eating it hot or cold. Savor the flavorful broth and the fulfilling noodles offered by this dim sum restaurant in Las Vegas and feel like a pampered kid again.

Dim Sum Restaurant in Vegas Creates the Real Deal

Instant ramen seems to be on trend in the recent years. Consumed by an alarming number of college students on a budget, these quick cook noodles offer more than just a heaping amount of preservatives. Just a single pack of these already contains half of the daily recommended amount of salt intake. Imagine eating 2 or 3 in a day. Yikes!

Yes, it is understandable that the cheaper alternative is more budget friendly. However, that is just a temporary fix as the effect of these instant ramen noodles will catch up with us in the form of potential health risks like osteoporosis and even high blood pressure leading to heart diseases. Why not get the real thing instead? Visit Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House for some the tastiest authentic dim sum Las Vegas serves as well as the Asian noodles best paired with it. The Udon noodles they use in their Japanese Tempura Udon has been known to aid in digestion as well as help control blood pressure. Drop by the lobby of Paris Hotel and Casino and savor the healthier alternative.

Hot and Appetizing Dishes

Delight in the warm and inviting dishes at the finest dim sum restaurant in Las Vegas. The restaurant’s friendly doors are open daily to serve guests from 10 am to as late as 3 am. Perfect for college students to grab a midnight snack while studying for their finals. Give them a call at (702)778-8180 to make reservations. You can also go ahead and view their online menu available via the restaurant’s website to check all the goodies they cook up. Give yourself that much-needed break and drop by for a hot bowl of Taiwanese noodles today!

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