Take a Break with the Best Family Activity in Las Vegas: Dig This!

Leaning away from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip lies a life-sized sandbox where you get to play with heavy equipment and do all kinds of stuff, bringing out the child in you. Who wouldn’t want to play with the real thing? I’m sure you’ve all played with Tonka toys when you were just a tot and you’ve also imagined yourself being in the real version of them. Perhaps that’s what came in play in the mind of Ed Mumm, who realized operating machinery was a blast, according to Engineering News-Record.

This could actually apply to anyone, at any age. Being one of the best family activities Las Vegas, kids and adults would surely have a great time. Dig This Las Vegas may actually be the family vacation you guys are searching for – sort of unconventional but definitely one to remember.

There is no argument here, everyone, at one point in their life, may have imagined themselves operating a bulldozer or an excavator. This may actually be Las Vegas best family activities and I’d hate to see you missing out on this. Let’s take a quick tour on what this establishment has to offer.

Family Activities in Las Vegas In a Whole Different Way

Well, you may have imagined family activities as picnics in the park, or going out of town yo your grandfather’s farm and feeding the ducks – this is not your usual family vacation. This place isn’t another restaurant or deluxe shopping mall, according to Atlas Obscura, which you would usually find along the strip. It offers a whole new experience for the whole family. Take the bulldozer ride as an example – where you can build huge mounds, push 2000-pound tires, or teeter-totter over a mega mound. Now that’s something you wouldn’t find in the park, right? One way or another, there’s always something that would get you excited when seeing heavy machinery. Personally, I’m guilty about that. Tonka toys fascinated almost everyone, even until now. Today, you get the real thing.

Safety Above Anything Else

Now you can’t just walk in there, board the machinery, and just work your way through. Of course, that’s not how it works. Safety is always the top priority. That’s why employees and staff always make sure that you’d be able to go through a safety orientation and a breathalyzer test so as to get you ready for what’s coming. Standard protocols, yeah, but would pave the way for you to enjoy one of the best family activities Las Vegas. So drop by Dig This Las Vegas, or call +702-222-4344.

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