A Beginner’s Guide for Choosing Your First Guitar

Finding the right guitar is like finding your soulmate. It has to be just right. But how can beginners choose? Well, Blue Note B’s Horn Shop offers the chance for to rent musical instrument with a choice of renting new or old ones. This gives beginners an affordable choice as well as a chance to test guitars and find the one! Why not take the full Reno guitar lessons as well? Learning a new instrument takes a lot of practice but the teachers at the shop make the experience both fun and enlightening.

Finding the One

It is a known truth that playing the guitar washes away stress. Somehow it lifts our moods as well as distract us from the stressors in life. Once enrolled in a guitar lesson in Reno. The next step is choosing a guitar that is best suited for you. Follow these few tips to make sure you are choosing the perfect one.

  • There are guitars for different styles of music like the blues, jazz, rock n roll, and many others. Tune into the music you would want to play and find a guitar that best matches that style. If in doubt, ask your guitar teacher what their recommendations are.
  • Much like buying new shoes, you should always test a guitar out before buying it. Strum it, pluck it, play with it and see how it feels in your hands. Look out for those that feel comfortable to play for long hours. Try renting one from Blue Note B’s Horn Shop to truly get the feel of the instrument without as much commitment as buying it.
  • Don’t get stuck on one guitar. Compare it with others and see how it fares. The price is not indicative of its quality, so make sure to check the quality of the guitar first before deciding to buy it. You might just save a few bucks. It also is best to check reviews online as well as from other guitar players that you might know. Youtube is a great resource for reviews as you can see and hear the guitar actually being played.

Enroll in the Best Reno Guitar Lesson

You don’t want your jamming mood to be disrupted by a guitar that feels uncomfortable in your hands. That is why students of Reno guitar lessons at Blue Note B’s Horn Shop should take advantage of the high-quality affordable music instrument rentals. Visit the store and get a free 15-minute lesson when you rent. They are located inside the SaveMart Shopping Center at 1155 West 4th Street, Suite 118, Reno NV. Give them a call at (775)453-9219 and enroll in a fun guitar lesson today!


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