Valid Causes and Serious Effects of Las Vegas Bail Forfeiture

Getting arrested can be a traumatic experience for both the defendant and their loved ones. Posting Las Vegas bail can be expensive which adds to the emotional turmoil. Turn to Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds for assistance on releasing your loved ones from jail. By providing bail bonds, a huge weight is lifted off the shoulders of their clients as the agency can provide bail bonds from $5 to as grand as $2 million. Located at 316 E. Bridger Avenue, Suite 101, Las Vegas they are just two minutes away from the Las Vegas jail and city courthouse which ensures a faster release for their clients.

Causes Bail Forfeiture

When a person gets arrested, posting bail is a way to get them out of jail. This may be in the form of cash or bond that serves as an assurance that the person arrested will appear in court. Failing to appear for a trial is no joke. In the case that the defendant misses the court dates, a warrant of arrest may be issued as and bail forfeiture happens. This results in turning the defendant into a fugitive and will result in a costlier outcome. Naturally, it will also negatively impact the result of the trials by getting the defendant more charges and jail time.

There are many reasons why bail gets forfeited. Most of the time, though, cold feet, is the top reason why court dates are missed. However, other reasons are not necessarily intentional. Here are some valid reasons why defendants may miss their trials:

  • Not getting the court letter containing the court appearance dates and instructions
  • A loss in the family
  • Being out of the state or town on the said dates

If a genuinely valid reason like those mentioned above is the cause of the defendant’s absence then the court will not forfeit the bail and will set a new date for a court appearance.

Get Bail in Las Vegas

Don’t be fooled by bail agencies who pressure you to post Las Vegas bail. Be wary of those who are just after the 15% commission. Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds upholds honesty which is what sets them apart from other bail bond agencies. They understand that these situations are very stressful and emotional and will never take advantage of that. Bearing in mind the client’s best interest, they will assess the situation and analyze if posting the bail bond Las Vegas requires is worth it to save their client’s money. Feel secure with the professional service that the agency provides. They are available 24/7 all year round so don’t hesitate to give them a call anytime. You can reach them immediately by dialing (702)570-7500. Get your loved ones out of jail today and call them now!


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