Avoid Jail Time for Misdemeanors with Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Don’t let a misdemeanor send you to jail. Waiting for trials may take a long time. For a swift jail release, turn to Brooks Brothers Bail Bail Bonds in Las Vegas. No need to worry about costly bail as the agency is able to post up to $2 million. By having years of experience with the law, they are able to facilitate jail release for community members in Las Vegas as well as its surrounding areas. Getting your loved ones out of jail is no easy task to do on your own. Ask help from Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds to secure that your family or friend is released from jail.

Nevada Misdemeanors

The Las Vegas law categorizes the misdemeanors into 2 types: misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors.

  • Misdemeanors are the considered the least of the offences. Although considered minor, these will still land the arrested in jail or fines up to $1000 or both. Jail time for this type may last up to six months.
  • Gross misdemeanors, on the other hand, is considered more serious that those committed as misdemeanors. DUI falls under this category having notably the highest arrest rate in 2010. Even though it is far less serious than a felony, a gross misdemeanor charge could have the defendant spend up to a year in jail and/or pay fines up to $2000.

Other examples of the Las Vegas demeanors most put to trial include traffic tickets, trespassing, marijuana possession, domestic violence under certain circumstances, jaywalking, and petty theft. For most of these, the first and second offenses are negotiable in Las Vegas court to avoid jail time. While waiting for trial dates, a release from jail can also be facilitated with the use of bail bonds.

Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds Las Vegas

For those needing assistance for posting Las Vegas bail bonds, Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds is here to help. They are able to organize the release of those arrested for misdemeanors or felonies by providing bail bonds in Las Vegas. When a family member is arrested out of state, it can lead us to feel helpless. However, due to the wide network that Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds has, they are able to have the accused released by calling their trusted local partners who are also bail bond agencies from other states. This saves the money needed to travel outside Las Vegas. Visit their office at 316 E. Bridger Avenue, Suite 101, Las Vegas. Clients may also call them at (702)570-7500. They are available 24/7 so don’t hesitate to call today!


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