Prepare for Your First Aerial Photography Las Vegas with this Ultimate Checklist

Everyone with a drone definitely goes through a lot of difficulties when piloting for the first time – which is totally normal. Drone flying has its pros and cons but learning it should never be intimidating. This checklist below can help you get started with multirotor flying no matter what model or brand you have. Alpha Drone’s products are especially suited for beginners who are looking into mastering the art of aerial photography Las Vegas because of their no-nonsense and easy flight manuals. They have also affordable but sleek drones, like the Autel and Hubsan, designed for novices trying out the hobby for the first time. The goal of this article is to give novices a little nudge in the right direction in acquiring the best flying techniques.

Standard Flight And Safety Checklist Is Advised

Having a standard pre-flight and safety precaution checklist, as suggested by the Federal Aviation Administration, reduces the risk of crash and accidents. It can also help any drone user get things ready and done in a matter of minutes. If you don’t already have your own set of boxes to check before and after Las Vegas aerial photography, the following tips below can absolutely improve your flight experience:

  • Make sure the batteries (transmitter, quadcopter) are charged and securely in place. If your quadcopter has a built-in camera, see if the micro SD is inserted.
  • Check for any loose or missing parts or screws particularly with the propeller.
  • Wait for your copter to finish calibrating and getting a locked GPS after turning on the transmitter.
  • Check location, make sure it is safe and wide for the drone, and remove any interference, or change location if necessary.
  • Never lose sight of your done when flying.
  • Push the throttle to zero if your drone photography Las Vegas is about to crash. Make sure you, or anyone else, is out of its direction to avoid injury or accidents.
  • If you are going to fix your quadcopter, make it a point to take out the batteries first while your fingers, or any part of your body for that matter, are at a safe distance away from the propellers. Drone propeller accidents can be a horrifying experience proven to be true by this news article from BBC.

Aerial Photography Las Vegas Store That Knows Your Needs

At Alpha Drone, their UAV pilots and staff give professional advice to their clients by teaching them basic flight controls and tips first-hand. Both drone hobbyists and professionals can learn different techniques by visiting Alpha Drone’s indoor flying zone at 8512 W Sahara. If you are looking into buying a Drone That Fits Your Needs, you can ask their staff about the recent news and excellent brands they have in stock by talking to them at (702) 979-9445 or checking their Facebook account @alpha.drone1.


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