Two Types of Squatters You Will Meet: Advice from Home Solutions Las Vegas Realty Provider

Squatting is a pretty tricky subject in most countries in the U.S. First of all, forcing out squatters from a property is illegal especially if done without any due legal process. But on the other hand, if these illegal residents stay, they eventually find a way to ransack and damage the house – and even commit heinous crimes such as prostitution, and drugs and weapon sales, according to The Guardian. Our experts at Tactical Real Estate Solutions have seen numerous cases of illegal residency gone very wrong and have done home solutions Las Vegas realty efficiently to combat them. Aside from housebreaking and unlawful occupancy, we have also discovered and worked on crimes related to squatting and have effectively helped the real owners to get rid of them.

Home Solutions Las Vegas Realty Can Speed Up Eviction Process

Ever since the home solutions realty in Las Vegas market in Vegas dropped to alarming lows, home invasion has become a normal occurrence. This is because scammers have figured out a way to control and take advantage of the downfall of both the banks and the homeowners. They lure people who have lost their homes and properties to the recession and promise them lower monthly deposits, rentals and checks. These are the type of squatters that our squatter removal team at Tactical Real Estate Solutions has identified to unknowingly take the bait because of less or zero opportunities for a better housing situation. They pay the “tenant” the money and move in, only to be visited by real estate agents or the police informing them of unlawful occupancy.

Another type of illegal residents is simply the ones who knowingly and purposely commit the crime without any fear of the law. These are neither lured nor trapped into a rental deal but simply chose to stay in a property to be able to do unlawful activities freely and without the risk of being found out. They know how to beat around the law for squatters and can illegally live in a property for months. Fortunately, the Nevada Legislature has already passed a solid bill, as reported by KPNR, that can help remove these squatters in no time and with enforcement to back it up. We use this, along with our experience with law enforcement and Las Vegas realty home solutions, to quicken the eviction process.

Hire The People That Knows What They Do!

Houses in some Las Vegas neighborhoods may seem packed and alive with the real owners but if you start witnessing any Dangerous Crimes Caused By Squatter Invasions and start doubting about the legitimacy of the residents, as a responsible citizen, you have to contact first the real owners or their listing agent. If you don’t have connection with either of the two, make sure you inform Tactical Real Estate Solutions of the situation so we can assess and give you and your Homeowner’s Association our professional advice with regards to squatters. You can contact us at (702)901-9390 or email at


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