Las Vegas Commercial Real Estate Solution Tips: You are in Danger if You Don’t Know These!

The problem of squatters don’t only affect private property and land, it stretches as far and as expensive as commercial properties. Property managers are left to tackle the arduous task of dealing with the increase of squatters in U.S. cities in order to ride the wave of the market. A lot of people are aspiring to get into this stable source of income but for aspiring property managers, the problem of squatting may prove to be more than what they’re willing to bargain for. At Tactical Real Estate Solutions, they receive service calls for squatter-related problems not only from civilians but from realtors and managers looking for Las Vegas commercial real estate solutions. Most of the time, they get calls that require escorting services from people who need company with tactical experience to accompany them during their property inspections.

Squatters Have Also Invaded The Commercial Market

Property management has once been one of the lower jobs when it comes to property and real estate industry. But since the rise of the economy from the recession reported by Review Journal, more and more people are getting into the profession to take advantage of the housing market and commercial real estate solutions in Las Vegas. Managers operate and oversee the income that a property is generating for the owner as opposed to those who buy and sell.  So, why are property managers at risk of squatters? Just like an empty luxurious house, vacant commercial spaces are a big temptation for squatters. As a team of former law enforcement people, Tactical Real Estate Solutions have visited commercial properties which have been damaged beyond repair by squatters looking for somewhere to stay overnight, especially ones that have malicious intentions in mind such as using drugs or prostitution.

Squatting has only started to develop in commercial markets after a bill was passed against squatters, according to Las Vegas Now, living in residential properties. It is now considered a criminal offense to break-in and reside a house illegally, but this law is yet to be applied in commercial spaces. This scenario is more distressing since police cannot simply force them out of the property without going through a legal process. While property managers are looking for anti-squatter laws that would equally be effective in commercial spaces, they could, for the mean time, call for Las Vegas real estate solutions provider especially Tactical Real Estate Solution’s assistance in checking their managed properties. Their team is highly qualified and trained in protecting both civilians and their property. They can also represent property owners to both local and out-of-town managers and agents.

Commercial Real Estate Solutions Las Vegas You Can Trust

It is important to remember that Your Life Is Worth More Than Your Listing. When in doubt about your safety, call Tactical Real Estate Solutions at (702) 901-9390. They are located at 2370 Corporate Circle, #120 Henderson for more information on how we can get rid of your squatter problems.

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