Why Being Rude to Cops Could Potentially Hurt Your Traffic Court Las Vegas Case

Traffic court Las Vegas punishes reckless drivers. That is a fact. This is because when you drive recklessly you are putting yourself and your passenger in danger. Aside from that, the lives of the other drivers on the road are also put at risk due to reckless behavior. However, not all those who get a ticket are reckless. Some just were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even minor offenses get you a ticket. Get help in fighting those charges with the aid of The Ticket Fixer. They are a division of the law office of Kenneth G. Frizzell III, Esq. and are able to properly represent you in court. By taking aggressive legal actions, they are able to fight well in court to protect your driving record.  

Traffic Stop Tips

Just this year, the mid-year report for law enforcement fatalities indicate that amongst the fatalities, traffic-related fatalities come in second with having 24 officers killed. Which is why being rude or aggressive during a traffic stop is never a good idea. Aside from getting you a ticket for a traffic violation, it may even add more violations to your ticket such as resisting arrest. It is good to remind ourselves that whenever a cop pulls us over the feel the tension too.

When pulled over by a cop be as polite as possible, put your keys on the roof of the car without getting out and keep both hands on the steering wheel. This shows that you have no plans on fighting back or running away from the situation. Being non-threatening and polite will also help your case as the police officer will be called to court as a witness as well.

Fight the Ticket in Traffic Court in Las Vegas

Contesting the charges on the traffic tickets Las Vegas cites can be very exhausting. You will need to waste tons of time waiting in lines as well as gas money for going around and finding your courthouse. Not to mention taking time off work to actually face the trials. Let The Ticket Fixer handle your traffic court Las Vegas case. Call them at (702) 257-7171 or email them at theticketfixer@gmail.com. Potential clients can also make use of the convenient online form on The Ticket Fixer’s website. When the information if submitted, all you need to do is wait around one business day and a member of the firm will respond with the best legal options as well as the fee and great deals with regards to the service. They are the #1 Las Vegas traffic ticket, DUI, and warrant resolution firm for a reason. This is because they are able to resolve not hundreds but thousands of traffic cases every year. Visit them today at 623 South, 6th Street, Las Vegas and get those tickets fixed!   

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