Why You Should Schedule Regular Checkups with Las Vegas Dentists

Prevention is still better than cure and is the best way to fight against tooth decay. Schedule visits with your dentist. If you are living in Las Vegas, visit Vegas Smiles. Vegas Smiles is founded by Dr. William Gussow, one of the best dentist in Las Vegas. They have a friendly and accommodating staff that willingly assists each patient. Their office is located at 4343 North Rancho and has a clean and sanitary environment which makes it safe for younger patients. They also offer sedation dentistry suitable for kids and clients who have phobia.

Microbes Are A One-Way Ticket To A Tooth Decay

When the microbes in your teeth increase in number and plaques are not removed by brushing, the odds of developing a tooth decay greatly increases. Brushing alone cannot kill all bacteria present and clean hard to reach places like the in-between of teeth. Using an alcohol-free mouthwash and flossing can aid in these circumstances. Luckily, it takes a considerable amount of time before the decay develops in your tooth due to the slow demineralization process. This will give you enough time to react on the early stages of cavity and plaque formation.

On first signs of cavity and plaque formations, consult Vegas Smiles. They have a free sedation consultation when you visit for a walk-in check-up. You can also e-mail them at info@vegassmiles.com for any queries. They will gladly accommodate your requests.

Las Vegas Dentists Warn Against Harmful Daily Routines

Having a regular dental check-up is crucial to maintain a good oral health. Most people are unaware that some of their daily routines can actually cause potential harm or grave damage to their teeth. Eating the wrong kind of food that can cause tooth decay like soda acid, sticky food, and sucrose-containing food. These can all worsen their teeth condition. However, there are tooth cleaning food like certain fruits and green leafy vegetables: apple, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, kiwi, etcetera. Therefore, it is safe to assume that our diet and lifestyle can either make or break our teeth.

With these things being said, you could also check out Dr. Gussow’s blog article on Vegas Smiles’ website on how to avoid these daily habits that permanently damage your teeth. Dr. Gussow is one of the best and well-known Las Vegas dentists. He is also the founder of Vegas Smiles. Give their website a check and drop by their office. Their services are way beyond exceptional.


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