You Can Have It All With a Sushi Burrito From Poukei

Burritos have been around as far as you can remember, and the same goes with sushi. What’s common about these two is that people love these two so much. But what happens when both of them collide? You have the sushi burrito. A dozen or more restaurants now have these on their menu and it has proved to be a crowd pleaser. Culinary wonders like the ramen burger and many others are now joined by this new addition to the family and it appears as tempting as ever. A Las Vegas burrito roll may actually be the food you’ve always been looking for – the goodness and health benefits of fresh sushi and the kick you’ll get from a burrito.

The popularity of the sushi burrito is no accident, according to The Washington Post, and there are a lot of things to love with this new food craze. There is also the “build-your-own” mentality in play that seems to be really appealing for most people nowadays. America has the knack of taking foreign cuisines and making something outlandishly yummy out of them. The other thing that really makes the Las Vegas sushi burrito stand out is that it’s fully customizable – you can pretty much choose any filling that you’d like and it shall be done. If you’ve been to the Las Vegas strip, perhaps you’ve heard of Poukei. If you haven’t then, it’s about time you get to know them.

Sushi Burrito in Las Vegas Catching Attention

What started as a little experiment from United States’ West Coast area is now turning out to be a culinary wonder, taking almost the entire country by storm. What’s more amazing than being able to choose what you want to include in your meal? Yes, just fantastic. There’s a wide array of proteins you can choose from, and it goes the same with the other ingredients. To top it off, it’s wrapped in a nori instead of a tortilla. It’s all your favorite sushi ingredients wrapped in rice and seaweed then shaped to look like a burrito, according to Homemade. What else can you ask for? No wonder it’s causing a lot of buzz out there.

Sky’s the Limit With What You Can Create

With the power to create something entirely unique and new every time, the possibilities are endless. Since you yourself know what’s best for your palatal pleasure, you get to choose from the ground up – sauces, toppings, sides, and everything in between. Las Vegas sushi burrito is the new trend. Visit Poukei or call them at (702)331-5562 and let your taste buds be the judge.


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