Don’t Miss To Have A Bite of Las Vegas’ Best Dim Sum!

Taiwanese-inspired dim sum restaurant Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House opened its first branch in Vegas Strip. Located in the heart of the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Yong Kang Street brings with it the Taiwan inspired classic dim sum and noodle house experience. They offer the first ever dim sum cart experience in Vegas Strip and the widest range of noodle and dumpling choices made by their adept well-experienced chefs. Situated at the lobby of Paris Hotel and Casino, this Yong Kang Street branch hopes to become the favorite destination of both mall and casino goers looking to unwind and have a sumptuous but affordable meals in between shopping and recreational activities.

Not Your Usual Dim Sum

Are you sick and tired of the average dining experiences Chinese restaurants have to offer? Most Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants are located at crowded places with tables that seem to be closely arranged beside each other. However, when you dine at Yong Kang, they have comfortable sitting arrangements to make sure you enjoy a fine dining experience with a wonderful view of Vegas Strip. Moreover, they only serve reliable authentic gourmet style dishes that are handcrafted by world-renowned chefs.

Their dim sums are not like usual boring dim sums served in other Chinese establishments. They really are sticking to their reputation of being a classy Las Vegas Dim Sum Restaurant. As soon as you sit down and get settled in, they will hand you a diverse menu of Taiwanese and Chinese cuisines. You can check their menu for their vast food list and their corresponding prices at their website, But for those who are indecisive or for those people who simply hates choosing what food to get, their dim sum platters will surely not disappoint! Try one of their best sellers, Yong Kang Lobster Noodles for a tummy satisfaction that could never be forgotten!

Eat At Las Vegas Best Dim Sum and Noodle House

With all these being said, it is without a doubt that Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House is Las Vegas Best Dim Sum place. Drop by their place and see for yourself. They are located at the lobby of Paris Hotel and Casino at The Las Vegas Strip and is open daily from 10 am to 3 in the morning, the only dim sum place in Vegas that’s open after a long night of recreation! Customers can now enjoy freshly made dim sum and Taiwanese noodle dishes at late hours. Call them at (702) 778-8180 for more information.

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