A Taste of Hawaiian Culture: Poke Bowl Las Vegas

This is not that thing that you do on facebook with someone whose attention you want to catch. It’s not those fictional creatures that you see on TV with Ash Ketchum and the rest of the gang. It’s poke, pronounced as “POH-keh”, a delicious and healthy Hawaiian dish tracing its roots way back hundreds of years has now become an increasingly popular dish among local restaurants. Poke originally means “to cut crosswise into pieces”, according to Honolulu Magazine. A staple dish in the Hawaiian island until now, it’s no wonder that its fame has already reach the entire country, given the fact that it offers a lot of health benefits and the fresh ingredients can’t be ignored.

Poke Las Vegas has even reach the Sin City, fulfilling the cravings of tourists and locals alike. See what Poukei is doing, satisfying the Las Vegas poke bowl cravings of people around.But how do you go about making this dish the traditional Hawaiian way? Well, it’s not that hard, but it’s how you execute it is where you would really appreciate true Hawaiian culture. You’d come to find that Hawaii isn’t just all about white sand beaches and magnificent surf spots. Now, there’s something that wouldn’t only fill your healthy cravings, but also give you a little bit of knowledge about Hawaiian Cuisine.

Poke in Las Vegas Brings Back Healthy With a Touch of Tradition

Nowadays, people would prefer a meal that not only would send their taste buds on a journey, but also has a lot of health benefits. That’s what poke is all about. It’s kind of a festival of flavors going on keeping your palate entertained, according to the Nation’s Restaurant News. Served on top of rice, with ahi as protein, along with sesame oil and shoyu as sauce, scallions, onions, and leafy greens with sesame seeds, it’s impossible to say no to this dish. Loaded with nutrients like omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, you can’t go wrong. And with just 104 calories for a 5 oz. serving, weight-conscious individuals also get a piece. Protein needs are also covered with approximately 21 grams all in a delicious bowl.

Tradition and Culture

Culture and tradition is an integral part of the Hawaiian way of life. That’s why the poke Las Vegas is something that they really cherish and continue to nurture, an important part of their everyday living. Drop by Poukei, or call them at (702) 778-8180, and discover the amazing history of this wonderful Hawaiian dish.

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