Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories People Formulated About Area 51

Each year, hundreds of people try to get a glimpse of the extremely mysterious Area 51 located about 83 miles of Las Vegas – or at least what is visible from where they can see it. This nuclear testing site has become notoriously intriguing because of its heavily guarded front. This makes its visitors believe that something just doesn’t sit right with the place. They often find each other in a local diner called the Little A’Le’Inn according to Wikipedia and share encounters and and experiences when it comes to breaching the place’s parameters, patrolling guards and love for all things extraterrestrial.

As the audience grew for this eerie base, more people also flock to the National Atomic Testing Museum to know the real story behind America’s biggest nuclear weapons testing site. This educational institution is one of Las Vegas museums that makes use of the country’s weapons history to better explain to and educate people about its background. They have historical exhibits, galleries and learning activities that can be enjoyed by all ages, especially the young ones.

Nicknames Given To The Nevada Testing Site

While most people who know about the base most often call it as Area 51, it has actually a lot more nicknames that most do not know and are mentioned in museums vegas. Some of these names include the following: Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Watertown Strip, Home Base, Groom Lake (which is actually a real place located northeast of Area 51) and the most popular of all, Homey Airport – a name given by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. When military personnel refer to the airspace around the base, they acknowledge it by the term R-4808N or “the container/box.” People may have a lot of conspiracy theories to say about Area 51 but there is actually no concrete proof whatsoever of any extraterrestrial experimentation and studies in the facilities of the site. Aliens, however, are not the only subject that is being linked to Area 51. Some also think that the government uses the base to develop all kinds of supernatural weapons like controlling the weather, teleportation, time travel and engineering of UFO’s. These conspiracy theorists also believe that Area 51 is a collaborative project between humans and aliens, and that more advanced weapons are being forged by the alliance.

Be Educated About The Nuclear History At Las Vegas Museums

While theories can be fun, it is more beneficial for people of all ages from all walks of life to actually understand the background and history of Area 51. There is no better place you can go to than the best Vegas museum – the National Atomic Testing Site. They are located at 755 E. Flamingo Road and open everyday except for major holidays. Their $22 general admission already gives you a tour of Area 51 exhibit. You can also Experience A Ground Zero Simulation and see replicas of the facilities inside Area 51. Call them today for more information about their tour packages at (702) 794-5151.


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