Emergency Procedures For Broken Or Chipped Teeth

Other than physical trauma, your teeth can break or chip away by eating certain food. At Vegas Smiles, they offer CEREC same day crowns and dental bridges. These procedures are your first-course of action during dental emergencies. If you need cosmetic dentistry, visit their clinic at 4343 North Rancho for a free checkup. Their resident dentist, Dr. Gussow, can offer amazing solutions to your oral health problems.

Food That Can Harm And Break Your Teeth

Often times, you are unaware that your diet can potentially break your teeth. One second, you’re just eating a bowl of harmless salad and then losing a tooth the next. Well, it can’t be the salad right? Was it the tomatoes then? Next time you eat salad, watch out for those little square-shaped crunchy croutons.

Here are some types of food to watch out for:

1. Hard crunchy food like baguettes, pretzels, biscotti, and hard breads. It is true that your tooth enamel is tough. It is actually the hardest substance in your body, but also the most brittle. Damaged teeth with fillings and restorations are more susceptible to further damage. Chewing on hard and crunchy food can easily break these teeth. As the saying goes: don’t bite off more than you can chew!

2. Candies! These sugary treats from chocolates to jawbreakers can cause you your teeth. Your mother has a good reason to stop you from munching on those rock-hard candies when you were a child.

3. Sticky food could actually be considered as your teeth worst nightmare! They cling on your teeth for so long like a leech sucking your blood. Make sure to brush after eating sticky dense food especially those that are sweet and acidic. Rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash as well.

There are tons of food that can harm your teeth. But as long as you observe proper dental hygiene, you can prevent broken and damaged teeth. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis can also make a huge difference. Drop by Vegas Smiles for a thorough oral check-up.

Cosmetic Dentist Las Vegas

In instances wherein you break or chip your tooth, do not panic. Visit Vegas Smiles at 4343 North Rancho and avail of their CEREC same day crowns. You no longer have to wait for a few days or weeks to get your teeth fixed. Have your teeth repaired at Vegas Smiles by Dr. Gussow, one of the best cosmetic dentist Las Vegas. You can send them an email at info@vegassmiles.com. For a more urgent response, call them at (702) 395-7200.

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