Dim Sum In Las Vegas On Your First Date? Go For It!

When it comes to first date ideas, one of the things that don’t get mentioned is Asian food. Since Asian delicacies need chopsticks or hands for eating, they don’t seem “impressive”.  Asian restaurants like Yong Kang Street in Las Vegas challenge that popular impression. Asian restaurants now get total makeovers for their customers. With that, you can get your girl’s nod of approval while enjoying noodles or best dim sum Vegas. There are a million reason to say yes to Oriental delicacies when trying to make an impression.

Asian Food Gives You a Different First Date Experience

When eating in a restaurant is what you plan for in a date, you’ll get suggestions to go Italian. That is quite understandable. You bring your best manners to the table when you’re in an Italian restaurant. But for a first date, that’s pretty boring. If you are one of those who loves a more enjoyable dating experience, go Asian. Pass on the spaghetti for a gulp of spicy teriyaki noodles. Laugh at each other’s tolerance for spice. Food from Asian countries are great for those who watch their weight. You can actually eat clean while on a date! If a roller coaster of flavors is what you like, Asian food serves it best. Delight your taste buds with flavors from Japanese noodles to best dimsum in Las Vegas. Asian goodness is also vegan diet-friendly. Yes, even vegetable creations taste as good as meat options. The bright colors of Oriental ingredients will please your senses. If you want to go big with your food, a bowl of ramen or Pad Thai can fill you up.

Share The Love for Asian Food with Dim Sum Vegas

The most common impression about Asian restaurants is they’re too unclassy. No, not all Asian restaurants come in makeshift tents that are often overcrowded. A lot of Asian restaurants already took it to the next level. If traditional Oriental food in a classy ambiance is what you look for, visit Yong Kang Street. Yong Kang Street is a dim sum restaurant in Las Vegas that keeps up with the high-end lifestyle in Sin City. You can enjoy their Taiwanese and Japanese creations from 10 am to 3 am. You can visit them at Lobby of Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Strip. Book a date by calling them at (702)778-8180.



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