How To Add A Personal Touch To Your Reno Chef Uniforms

There are jobs that can either be technical or creative. For a chef, it’s both. They need to be technical with their ingredients. But, they also have to think of creative ways to curate a stunning dish. That’s why a chef’s uniform need not be boring! Just a white chef coat? No, thank you. That’s why stores like Reno Uniforms provide embroidery services for chef uniforms. Bring the personalized designs on and give more character to your everyday chef look! Here are some ideas on how to add a personal touch to your chef coats.

Get Creative with Your Designs

Although some restaurants have specific uniforms, some allow chefs and staff to get creative. While honoring your work’s uniform rules, there’s no reason to add little personalized touches. One of the most common custom touch in a chef coat is adding the chef’s name. Getting your name embroidered on your kitchen coat gives you a sense of recognition. The name may be a little detail but it makes your look more professional.

Thanks to uniform stores’ embroidery staff, you can request for any design. Aside from your name, you can add cute details on your coat, too. Got a kitchen moniker? Have it scribbled on your coat. Want to honor a certain person? Give them the greatest compliment by adding their name on your uniform. If you are a restaurant owner, you can use your logo instead of your store’s name. With embroidery services that lets you choose colors and fonts, you can get creative!

Introduce New Style to Your Chef Uniforms Reno

A white culinary coat helps fuel a chef in his everyday work. The moment he gets into uniform, the game to create something wonderful starts. A chef’s coat also shows the image you want to portray to your clients. Whether you are a new chef or a restaurant owner, find your uniform needs at Reno Uniforms. This uniform store Reno offers customization and embroidery services for chef uniforms. Choose among their many embroidery styles. With high quality threads, designs are created with accuracy. Since their embroidery staff are also in their store, quality is monitored. You need not travel far to add a personalized touch to your white coat. For individual and bulk orders, visit 70 West Taylor Street, Reno, Nevada. You can also contact them at (775) 657-6025 or send an email at


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