How Las Vegas Bail Bonds Can Get You Out Of A Gaming Fraud Arrest

When caught cheating in Vegas casinos having a Las Vegas bail bond will be helpful in getting out of jail.  Indeed, most people go to casinos purely for enjoyment.  However, there are some who are determined to win big.  Some even go to the extent of committing gaming fraud just to cash in the big bucks.  Although exciting, committing these acts is still not worth going to jail for.  Learn about gaming fraud and how Nevada punishes those who violate this law.  

What is Gaming Fraud?

Gaming fraud is the use of information from an insider to get the upper hand when gambling.  It can be much likened to the stock market’s insider trading.  An example of this would be a casino worker giving a tip to a certain gambler which tables are winning.  Tampering with casino machines is also considered gaming fraud.  It is not only the person making a bet that can be charged with the crime.  Both the insider and the gambler are liable for the criminal charges when this happens.

Gaming Fraud Penalties

Committing gaming fraud is a serious crime and is considered a category B felony.  Violation of this law could land a person up to 6 years in Nevada State Prison.  Fines are also grave which are at a maximum of $10,000.  The prosecuted are also mandated by the court to provide restitution for the casino.  Six years is a long time to be incarcerated.  Getting out with bail bonds in Las Vegas is possible for the first offense.  However, for the subsequent conviction, this is no longer allowed.

Jail Release with Las Vegas Bail Bond

Bail for these crimes can be expensive.  Coming up with the whole bail amount can be difficult.  With Las Vegas bail bonds defendants can arrange for an easier jail release.  This can be done without putting up the whole amount for the set bail.  The stress of gathering more funds in this already problematic situation is eliminated.  

Contact a Bail Bondsman

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