Serving More Than Dim Sum Las Vegas: Yong Kang Street

Best Dim Sum Las Vegas is served at Yong Kang Street, a Taiwanese restaurant in the famous Paris Hotel. But unlike other dim sum places, they offer other Asian dishes too like everyone’s favorite from Japan, the sushi. Sushi has been around for quite some time now.  And you can’t simply deny its effect on most people.  There’s something in it that kind of makes you crave for more.  People have came to love sushi the way they came to love Japan.  A country of innovation and pure passion, no wonder sushi’s considered an art form.  Take a journey to the roots of traditional Japanese sushi and the best dim sum Las Vegas.

Traditional Japanese Sushi Then and Now

If you dig way back to the history of sushi, it’ll be a quite long discussion.  Sushi has evolved over the past couple of centuries.  We bet you can’t even recognize how it looked the first time.  It has evolved into a trendy universal dish according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  Originating from Southeast Asia in the 4th century, it had a slightly different preparation.  The process involved fermentation of the fish for weeks, or even months.  

Nowadays, sushi does not involve the process of fermentation.  The raw method was first applied by Hanaya Yohei in Edo, now known as Tokyo.  The end result was that it was prepared in a quick manner.  You can actually consider as the first fast food.  Over the centuries, more people discovered this Japanese treasure.  Now, it’s an international superstar invading almost every corner in the world.  

Traditional Sushi and How To Make Them

There are a lot of factors to consider if you’re going for a Japanese-style sushi.  You have to remember that there are certain types of fish that you can use.  Well, larger fish like tuna are the ones preferred.  Utensils you use when cutting the fish should also be squeaky clean.  That’s how the Japanese do it for hundreds of years now.  According to Sushi FAQ, Japanese cuisine is far more broad than what we find in restaurants in the West.  

Traditional Japanese sushi is rolled differently as well.  Rolls are traditionally served with the nori wrapped on the outside of the roll.  What’s used is only the freshest fish as well.

The Best Dim Sum in Las Vegas and More

If you’re an avid fan of Japanese cuisine, then you’re definitely in good hands.  Not only does Vegas offer pleasure and relaxation, but it also has a lot more in store.  Paris Hotel and Casino at 3655 Las Vegas Blvd S. Las Vegas, NV 89109 has a place called Yong Kang Street.  If you’re looking for the best dim sum restaurant Las Vegas, look no further.  This place literally offers the finest dim sum Las Vegas has to offer.


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