Alternative Bachelor Party Activities Las Vegas Grooms Ought To Try

Most of the bachelor party activities Las Vegas hosts may be the stuff of nightmares for brides.  The typical parties as usually painted as guys getting blackout drunk all over the city.  Sometimes the fun gets out of hand and trouble ensues.  Is this really the best way to end the chapter of life’s singlehood?  For a safer alternative, outdoor activities without alcohol are greatly recommended.  Check out this cool new thrill below.

When Fun is Just Too Much

Las Vegas bachelor party activities should be fun.  Yes, that is true.  However, it should also be safe.  There are stories of these parties ending up tragically.  Driving while drunk to go around from bar to bar could lead to a DUI or even worse.  Drinking too much could also make the groom make decisions that he may regret.  It could also lead to alcohol poisoning which is very dangerous.  When planning a bachelor party opt for activities that everyone can enjoy.  One that is thrilling even without alcohol.

The Thrilling Alternative

Dig This Las Vegas offers a great new alternative bachelor party activities in Las Vegas.  They offer the chance to play with gigantic earth moving machines.  What are these machines exactly?  They have a bulldozer, and excavator, and more in their playground.  This is the sandbox for everyone especially for the kid inside all of us.

Powerful Bachelor Party Activities Las Vegas

Try out the Skid Steer Track Loader experience.  This activity allows you to move huge mounds of dirt and gigantic tires around.  Even with a small machine, this activity lets you feel extreme power in its compactness.  It is more maneuverable as well with easy to operate controls.  It also offers hands-free communication.  Hot or cold the cab is climate controlled to ensure maximum comfort.  

With the chance to play with gigantic machines, fun will not be far behind.  With a team of experts guiding you through the process, safety is always guaranteed.  Having alcohol out of the picture, you won’t have to worry about getting a hangover the next day.  How epic is that?

Play with Big Powerful Machines

Book this adventure and call Dig This Las Vegas.  Dial (702)222-4344 or (888)344-8447.  Those interested may send them an email at for general inquiries.  They also do big groups so why not include the whole wedding entourage?  Play against the bridesmaids and the bride.  For group events, send them and email at  What are you waiting for?  Book this rad new adventure today!


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