Las Vegas Poke: Evolution Of The Traditional Hawaiian Dish

With the popularity of the Las Vegas poke today, many would think that it just came to be a new trend. The fact of the matter is, poke has been around for a long time according to Honolulu Magazine. It is considered one of the favorite dishes of people from Hawaii because of its healthy benefits and unique style. Since Hawaii is surrounded with water, the discovery of making poke came naturally. It is deeply rooted to the Hawaiian culture. And still to this day, poke still enlightens other cultures about Hawaii and its people.

Its Simple Origins

This classic dish from Hawaii started out simple and straightforward. That is why it’s no wonder that shops sell Hawaiian style poke Las Vegas in flimsy paper plates and cups. This allows a lot of people to enjoy the meal right beside the beach or just by walking around town. There are still restaurants which offer authentic poke in a no-hassle type of joint. Hidden inside Planet Hollywood Casino is Poukei – one of the few restaurants that still sells fresh, uncomplicated poke. From vegetables to fish, all their dishes are served with the freshest ingredients.

How It Rose To Popularity

In Hawaii, it’s natural to see poke anywhere according to Hawaii Magazine. You can go to the nearest grocery store and find 10 other different versions of this dish. Some have even gone as to make little twists of it. Now, you can have octopus poke and avocado poke seasoned with different oils and dressings. But it’s also not a surprise that this dish is being served in all other parts of the world. Hawaiians have gone and scattered around the globe, taking their way of life with them. So as long as there are Hawaiian people homesick for their cultural dish, there will always be poke around. This has also somehow opened new opportunities for the dish. With a lot of different people trying the dish, new influences into it has also risen.

Try The Hawaiian Style Poke (Las Vegas)

In a way, poke has helped in advancing other dishes. And it really is not that hard to find a particular type of poke that you personally like. If you want to get acquainted with the best poke fish Las Vegas, visit Chef Eric Ou’s Poukei today. They serve lunch and dinner, and with any kind of beverage of your choice. They are located at Suite 505 inside the Miracle Mile Shops. For questions or reservations, you can contact them at (702)331-5562.


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