Make Valentine’s Extra Special With A Vegas Strip Tour

It’s hard to plan something special this love month so you might as well book a trike tour Vegas strip.  Most lovers would settle for a candlelight dinner and call it a night.  So how about taking it to another level?  Take your special someone on a tour across Sin City with Vegas Trike Adventures.  Now you and your significant other would get to see Vegas from another perspective.  So put on your helmet and let’s go for a ride.

How Valentine’s Day Came To Be

Sure, people from all around the world celebrate Valentine’s day every year.  Taking part in this celebration is normal no matter where you go.  It’s already some sort of a tradition.  But how did this celebration even start?  Where did it first take place?

According to History, Valentine’s day and its patron saint are somewhat a mystery.  This one day in February contains vestiges of both Christian and Roman tradition.  There are lots of historical references referring to Valentine’s day.  Some claim that Valentine was a priest who served during the 3rd century Rome.  Bottomline, it’s still one of the most celebrated holidays all around the world.  Approximately 150 million Valentine’s day cards circulated per year.  Now, that’s crazy.

Share A Special Trike Ride Through Valentine’s Day

The usual dinner for two is so outdated nowadays.  It’s so mainstream that you’d find restaurants fully-booked during February 14th.  We’d suggest you ditch that dinner and do something out of the ordinary.  Book one of those trike tours and for sure you won’t regret it.  If you want to ignite that spark again or keep the fire burning, then this is it.  Love month is around the corner so you better book one up now.  Think about it.  The wind blowing in your face as you ride side by side with the one you love.  We’re sure you guys would love a trike tour of Las Vegas strip.  And you’re going to love each other more.

Bring Back the Romance With a Las Vegas Strip Tour

It’s about time to do something out of your usual norm.  According to You Must Be Trippin’, forget the box of chocolates and flowers.  Those are the usual stuff you’d be able to find in a supermarket now.  Plan something extra special for that special someone.  We urge you to take a trike tour Vegas strip. Vegas Trike Adventures will take care of everything else in between.  Call them at 702-685-9825 and book a tour now.  Or better yet, drop by 5375 Cameron St. Suite M Las Vegas, NV 89118 and talk to us in person!


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