5 Reasons Why You Should Grab A Bowl Of Poke (Las Vegas) Today

There are so many reasons to go and try out the poke Las Vegas cooks up.  Besides being so refreshingly tasty this dish is bursting with benefits.  Ditch that greasy burger and switch to the healthy goodness that is poke.  Dig into this bowl of fresh healthy ingredients.  Stock up on the good stuff and try some poke.  Your body will surely thank you!

Poke Basics You Need to Know

Essentially, the ingredients that make up a poke bowl are chunks of fresh raw fish.  It is then combined soy sauce, sesame oil, and some light seasoning.  Looking at this traditional Hawaiian dish, one can say that it is definitely an appetizer.  However, it can be served as an entrée as well.  What makes this dish unique and special is that it is made of the freshest ingredients.  Imagine tuna that melts in your mouth and fills it with a rush of tropical tastes.  The fresh ingredients mixed with the right hint of zest makes for a truly unforgettable dish.

A Full Bowl of Benefits

The Hawaiian poke Las Vegas bowls at Poukei are one of a kind.  There are so many reasons why you should try it today.

  1. It is overflowing with nutrients.  It has omega-3 that help in the body’s circulation.  This helps improve the heart health and helps strengthen it.
  2. Aside from keeping the heart strong, this fatty acid also enriches the brain and gives it a boost!
  3. With all the fresh ingredients in this dish, vitamins and minerals are also abundant and ready to eat.  Don’t forget the protein you get from the fish to give you that energy to last you the rest of the day.
  4. At Poukei, you get a meal created by an award-winning chef without breaking the bank.  Since this dish is also low-calorie, you get to save your diet as well!
  5. You get to create your own poke bowl putting your creative side to work.  Choose from the fresh ingredients offered at the restaurant.  The combinations that you can create are endless.

Poke Las Vegas Bowls for Everyone

Try some Las Vegas poke bowls at Poukei.  They have tasty veggie options so you can bring your vegetarian friends along.  Have a go at the Veggie Poke bowl.  Instead of meat, they get tofu and cucumber with seaweed salad.  Add some red onion, edamame, and spicy ponzu to the mix for a scrumptious meat-free dish.

Grab a Bowl at Poukei

These mouthwatering poke bowls are just within your reach.  Visit them today at The Strip.  Located at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas, they’re very easy to find.  Head over to Suite 505, Miracle Mile Shops and enjoy a bowl of fresh succulent seafood.  Call them now at (702)331-5562!


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