Sekushi: The Best Sushi In Las Vegas Strip

You may be thinking how hard it is to find the best sushi in Las Vegas Strip.  You’re in the middle of the desert, after all, and fish is usually fresher when closer to land.  The truth of the matter is, sushi restaurants are easy to find these days.  They basically pop out like mushrooms in every city in the world.  Sadly, not all sushi restaurants can live up to the sushi standards of Sekushi.  This sushi restaurant may be far from the ocean, but they sure know how to live up to the hype.

Interiors That Complement The Meaning Of Sekushi

Sekushi’s modern style and artistic flair in making sushi is one thing. The name of the restaurant itself is an interesting piece of fact on its own.  Sekushi means sexy in Japanese as translated by Kanji Japanese.  And just like its meaning, the whole concept of the restaurant is designed to merge comfort and intimacy.  Visitors who come for a taste of the Japanese cuisine first admire the interior design before the food.  It is cozy but not too crowded even during at its peak hours.  The Las Vegas Strip best sushi restaurant has an open sushi bar.  Guests can sit behind it and indulge their sushi fantasies with a selection of juices or sake.  The Japanese murals are also reminiscent of the culture and the people that are behind the historic food.  Their head chef, Chef Eric Ou, is the mastermind behind their colorful, inviting sushis.

Authentic Japanese Menu

Their menu is also as appealing as their interior design.  Aside from their selection of different kinds of sushis in different sauces and seasoning, they also have simple yet amazing bento boxes.  These bento boxes are classic Japanese cuisine according to Wikipedia.  This selection of bento has already won the hearts of patrons and are cheaper than other bento boxes in town.  These are only served during lunch, though, from 11am to 3pm.  The usual sea foods also play the sushi scene in this classy restaurant.  You can enjoy creamy uni and delectable salmon avocado rolls in a very affordable price.  They also have a “tapas” menu for the meat-lovers.  In fact, they only serve authentic A5 Wagyu Japanese Beef that is flown straight from Japan!

Experience Authentic Japanese Sushi On Las Vegas Strip

Dine with Sekushi today and get a taste of the best sushi in Las Vegas Strip!  They are located inside the Paris Resort and Casino.  They have the most accommodating staff that can serve you from 11am to 1am of Sundays to Thursdays.  And from 11am to 2am of Fridays to Saturdays.  Their menu is also up on their website!

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