How To Look For Good Equine Hay At A Las Vegas Feed Store

There are so many options in a Las Vegas feed store that it can be hard to choose which is best for pets. When it comes to horses and their feeds, choosing good supplements and food is critical. This can be said for the hay they eat. Good quality feeds will ensure enough macro nutrients to sustain daily activities. To add to this, feeding horses sub-par hay will make feeding a challenge. Read on to know how to choose the right equine hay.

What Makes Equine Hay Different

Generally speaking, equine hay and cow hay are made of the same things. The difference lies in the production, quality and composition. Baled hay is usually exposed to the different conditions. In some cases, this exposure lead to accumulation of unwanted elements. These elements may include dust, molds, stems, and others. If hay has these, it will be hard to sell them to breeders and even harder to feed to horses. So to put it simply, hay that do not pass as equine hay are sold as cow hay in most feed stores in Las Vegas.

What Makes Equine Hay Important

Horses have a complex digestive system. From the small stomachs, food goes to a bigger set of small intestines. After this, food then settles in the large rump where big intestines lie. This varying degree of organ sizes makes then sensitive to digestive problems. Ideally, horses are meant to graze. With the addition of equine hay, horses can get the nutrients absent in the grass.

Importance of Asking a Las Vegas Feed Store

There is some confusion as to some of the terms used for hay. In some cases, cow hay can be easily confused with equine hay. The problem with this is that horses will turn their noses up when fed low quality hay. So when visiting any of the feed stores Las Vegas, make sure to be particular about the quality of hay.

Get Good Equine Hay at Jones Feed and Tack

Want horses to have the best nutrition? Visit Jones Feed and Tack today! They offer great quality equine hay, nutritional supplements, and so much more. The store is located at 6515 W Lone Mountain Rd, Las Vegas. For more information on their products and services, call them at (702) 645-1992.


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