Showcasing Your Business With Aerial Photography Las Vegas

Aerial photography Las Vegas has come a long way.  In the recent years, drones have become readily available in the market.  However, it has not always been this way.  Before it was only used for military purposes but it gave us so much more.  From military surveillance, it developed into an amazing marketing tool!  See why drones are becoming a fast staple in helping your business boom today.

Brief History of Aerial Photography

It all started with a man named Gaspard-Félix Tournachon.  He was French photographer and balloonist.  Since drones were not yet invented yet, he captured the first aerial photo using a hot air balloon.  Flying 80 meters above the ground, he captured the view of the village of Petit-Becetre.  Sadly, none of these photographs survived.  

Through the years, people experimented with balloons, kites, and even pigeons.  Aerial photography then developed at a rapid pace during the 1st World War.  This was used for spying on the enemy and documenting their movements.

Drone Photography Today

With today’s resources, Las Vegas aerial photography has greatly developed.  Using drones, flight has become more stable than ever before.  Beautiful high-definition drone photographs taken midflight is now possible.  This is thanks to the rapid growth of drone technology.

Who Can Benefit From Aerial Photography Las Vegas

Drone photography Las Vegas can help everybody’s business.  It is not for military use anymore nor exclusively for photographers.  With aerial capture, the layout of a certain place gets spot-on representation.  This can help out real estate businesses as well as resorts.  By being able to capture the dimensions of a property, it is showcased in a beautiful and accurate manner.  This goes for construction companies as well.  With the use of drones, aerial shots of the construction process can be documented.  This helps in showing clients the progress they are making on the job.

With breathtaking angled shots, these can also be used to showcase your business.  You are not only documenting your work properly but also giving your business an edge.  With these high-definition photos, they can even be used on the company’s website.  They can display your business in the best light for all the world to see.

Sky High Possibilities

Get your drones today with Alpha Drone.  Visit their website for a selection of the most up-to-date drones and quadcopters.  Don’t know how to operate one?  Not to worry.  Alpha Drone is able to work with local Las Vegas businesses and capture the aerial shots for them.  Give them a call today at (702) 979-9445.  Better yet, visit them at 8512 W Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas and check out their cool indoor fly zone.

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