Arrested For Embezzlement? Call 24 Hour Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Thanks to 24 hour bail bonds Las Vegas agencies, jail release can now be processed quicker.  Without agencies that are available anytime, waiting for business hours is a must.  This could mean a night or two of waiting in jail.  Understand what embezzlement.  Read on to know the penalties that come with this crime.

What Makes One and Embezzler

Embezzlement is a kind of theft crime.  Although similar to larceny, embezzlement starts out differently.  With embezzlement, the property starts out as being entrusted to the defendant.  An example of this would be a bank teller taking the money deposited to her by a patron of the bank.  Instead of putting it into the customer’s account the bank teller would have to take it for themselves.  The money gets entrusted to the worker and then afterward the worker steals it.

Penalties for Embezzlement

In Nevada, embezzlement is penalized by imprisonment and fines.  Restitution also has to be paid in the case the defendant is found guilty.  The sentencing, though, depends upon the value of the property that was taken.  Below are the amounts and their corresponding sentences:

Embezzled Amount: Not more than $650

Treated as a misdemeanor, this has a fine of $1,000.  Imprisonment can last up to 6 months.

Embezzled Amount: More than $650 but less than $ 3,500

For this higher amount, this is treated as a category C felony.  This will have a possible fine for as much as $10,000.  Minimum jail time is at 1 year and maximum jail time is 5 years.

Embezzled Amount: $3,500 or more

This will be charged as a category B felony.  Minimum jail time will still be 1 year.  However, maximum jail sentence is is much higher and longer.  The fine will possibly be as much as $10,000.  The defendant can be jailed for as long as 10 years.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Las Vegas Agencies

When the bail Las Vegas sets get too unaffordable, find a bail bondsman to help.  Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds are available 24/7 so potential clients may call them anytime.  They can bail out crimes that are misdemeanors as well as felonies.  Furthermore, they can arrange jail release services for every jail in Las Vegas.  Even in the surrounding areas, they can handle those as well.  They truly are the guys for the job.

Jail Release 24/7

Being available 24/7 the agency is able to provide Las Vegas bail as quickly as possible.  Call them at (702)570-7500.  You can also visit them at 316 E. Bridger Avenue, Suite 101, Las Vegas.  Talk to them today.  Visit their website and try out the live chat service.



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