Be A Spy For A Day: Secret Agent Activities For Las Vegas

You can always find new things to do for your activities for Las Vegas. These don’t just include poker and blackjack, or spinning the betting machines. The colorful nightlife and shows are also a big hit to tourists! But if you’re on a budget and want something more adventurous and one-of-a-kind, the Secret Agent Adventure is right up your alley! It’s a fun and exciting way to learn how your favorite on-screen action stars do their routines. You also get to fulfill your secret agent dreams!

Why Choose The Secret Agent Adventure

Watching action movies often lead to fantasizing about living a spy’s life for a day. It may sound funny, but it’s true! And it is definitely one of the fun daytime activities Las Vegas you can get. Not only do you feel the need to achieve adrenaline rush. You also start dreaming about engaging in all the risky action you see on TV. Now, you don’t have to wonder anymore. There is a training school right in Las Vegas where you can scratch being a secret agent off of your bucket list! The Vegas Tactical Adventures company is affiliated with the CRI Counter Terrorism Training School. Counter-terrorism, according to Wikipedia, incorporates all the necessary techniques in combating terrorism. It is located 10 miles North of Vegas and offers tactical exercises such as the Secret Agent Adventure. Vegas Tactical Adventures offers their customers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become their favorite action movie star for a day. With their fun yet surreal training, you will know the ropes in no time! Every single exercise is supervised by a professional. You will be taught advanced methods so you will have an idea how to protect yourself and others.

What You Are Signing Up For

The Secret Agent Adventure is simply learning how to be a spy. A great spy is resourceful according to Business Insider. The training facility will train you how to arm yourself with a weapon, and even throw a knife at a target. You will also experience jumping out of a car – a moving one! Aside from this, you will also be trained how to drive a vehicle with your arms and hands cuffed. At the end of these exercises, you will be asked to undergo one final training. In this, you will have to use all that you’ve accomplished in the day. It is definitely one of the best daytime activities Las Vegas you can participate in!

Budget-Friendly Activities For Las Vegas Awaits You!

If you want to get more information about this adventure, you can visit Vegas Tactical Adventures today. They can be reached through their website or by calling them at (888) 285-0222. You can also email them any request or inquiries at


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