Try This Group Activity (Las Vegas): Bodyguard Adventure

Group Activity Las Vegas. Some of you may have wondered, even once, how bodyguards actually do their jobs. Protecting someone like your life depends on it sounds scary. It does not look simple, and it definitely does not seem like an easy job to breeze through. But the whole sharp ensemble and the preciseness just make people want to know more about this job. If you’re into this kind of experience, then a bodyguard adventure should be on your list of group activity Las Vegas.

Be A Real Bodyguard For A Day

A tactical facility that offers a bodyguard adventure is located just north of Las Vegas. Vegas Tactical Adventures, a Counter Terrorism Training School, has been open for 13 years. The company is headed by Doron Benbenisty, a world-renowned trainer. He is knowledgeable with the most advanced methods used in training and on-field by Special Forces. He has also demonstrated various escape techniques with the public according to the Las Vegas Sun. When you sign up for their exercises, you will experience the same tactics. The company makes sure that their customers not only pay for the fun group activities Las Vegas. They also want them to learn real-life protective methods.

In their bodyguard adventure, you will have to go through a series of exercises. These are all real methods done by bodyguards in the real world. For starters, you will learn how to arm, disarm, and shoot a firearm. Like how bodyguards do, you will also be taught how to cover and follow the movements of the VIP. It may look easy on TV, but here you will actually learn the different techniques bodyguards use. Next is the defensive tactics which should not to be mistaken for a game, according to Corrections One. In this exercise, you will know how to defend the VIP from life-threatening attacks. After all of this training is done, you will then have to go on a final exercise using all the methods taught. A professional instructor will be with you through the whole process.

Pricing Of Fun Group Activities In Las Vegas

Availing this adventure is easy. There are three methods: register online, print a registration form, or call their hotline. The packages are also very affordable. The more people to participate in one group, the cheaper it gets. In fact, Vegas Tactical Adventures currently have a special price of $645 per person for 4 people! The bodyguard adventure also lasts for a whole day. It also includes transfers from your hotel, souvenir shirts and a certificate.

One Adventure You Will Never Forget

Are you ready for one of the fun group activities in las vegas? Call Vegas Tactical Adventures now at (888) 285-0222 for more information! You can also email them at if you have questions about their pricing.


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