Treating Seizures Naturally: Hemp Oil Dogs

There is no denying the power of hemp oil dogs against seizures and other medical conditions.  Seizures is actually common in dogs as it is in humans because we pretty much have a lot in common.  From a pet owner’s perspective, it’s hard to see your beloved pet on the floor jerking in a violent manner.  Most people wouldn’t have the slightest idea on what to do.  But what’s good is that Seven Leaf Pets is here to provide a solution for this problem.  Come and we’ll talk more about the wonders of hemp oil and how it counters seizures.

Knowing the Root Cause

Seizures can link itself to a lot of underlying medical issues.  Even professionals in the medical field sometimes have a hard time.  According to VCA Animal Hospitals, idiopathic epilepsy is the most common cause.  

It’s surprising to know that idiopathic epilepsy is an inherited disorder.  And it’s more surprising that the exact cause is unknown.  For the benefit of everyone, epilepsy’s described as repeated episodes of seizures.  There are other causes as well that include brain trauma, brain tumors, and liver disease.  Like we’ve mentioned earlier, there are countless causes why a seizure is affecting your dog.  Dogs may look completely normal between episodes.  And that is why you need to watch out for the signs.

Usual Signs and Symptoms of Seizures

As you all know, seizures have three stages.  They are the pre-ictal phase, the ictal phase, and the post-ictal phase.  Pre-ictal phase would have the dog exhibit altered behavior.  They may show clinginess and appear nervous or anxious.  The ictal phase is the seizure itself and can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.  Losing consciousness and having hallucinations may happen during this phase.  You need to make sure there’s nothing around that may hurt them according to About Home.  Uncontrollable muscle contractions can happen so make sure the surroundings are safe.  And the most important thing is: don’t panic.

Hemp Oil For Pets Giving Dogs A Chance

Hemp oil dogs gained a lot of popularity in the past few years because of its medical benefits.  You would understand some doubting pet owners.  It’s because they haven’t seen what hemp seed oil for dogs can actually do for their pets.  With Seven Leaf Pets, we can show them.  You can contact 775-453-4696 or email  What’s better?  Give them a visit at 3495 Lakeside Drive in Reno, Nevada 89509.


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