Las Vegas Laminate Flooring: Is It Better Than Hardwood?

Are hardwood floors better than Las Vegas laminate flooring? Or is it the other way around? Both materials are among the best flooring materials to date. But there’s a perfect time and space to use each material. Want to learn more? Here are the best ways and places to use laminate and hardwood floors.

Timeless Look and Sturdy Floors with Hardwood

When it comes to timelessness, there’s no other way to go than with hardwood flooring. Design-wise, hardwood floors are one of the most versatile materials around. Thanks to the different hues and tones present in wood, any look is attainable. Want to emanate rich and deep tones? Hardwood flooring made from Mahoganies, Rosewoods, and Bocote will do it. For a more fresh, and airy feel, choose lighter woods like American Ash, Hard Maple, and White Oak. Hardwoods are also great for practicality and durability. These floors are easy to clean and they get stronger over time. However, its porousness makes it a bad choice for bathrooms and kitchens. For waterlogged areas, avoid using these.

Tasteful Rooms and Natural Spaces with Las Vegas Laminate Flooring

If hardwood floors are versatile, then laminate flooring is even more. Laminate flooring is made with melamine resin and fiberboard. They are then laminated to create a material that is both sturdy and visually pleasing. During the lamination process, these tiles are finished off with natural prints. They can emanate the look of hardwood, stones, concrete, and even metals. To add to this, it is also one of the most durable flooring Las Vegas has to offer. These tiles go through extensive tests before going out to the market. These will ensure that each piece is water, scratch, and stain resistant.

Which Flooring Material to Pick

Good design starts with choosing the right floor for a room. So consider every factor when choosing between hardwood and laminate Las Vegas. For the look, both are equally appealing but laminates are more affordable. For maintenance, both materials are easy to clean but hardwoods last longer. However, for quicker and less stressful installation, laminates are a clear winner. With long term commitments like flooring, start with quality. This will ensure less problems and complications in the future.

Where to Get Quality Flooring Materials

For quality flooring materials and flooring services, visit One Stop 4 Flooring. They offer everything from materials to installation. For more information, call (725)200-3000 or visit them at 6150 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas.

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