These Red Flags Are What Cops Remember In Traffic Court (Las Vegas)

The traffic court Las Vegas has is strict in penalizing violators.  If found guilty, drivers may face hefty fines and even jail time.  These are all the result of that single moment that you violate the traffic law.  It is natural that you feel upset when you get a ticket.  However, it is best to control your reactions.  They may be the key to getting off with only a warning.

Be Nice to Cops

Cops don’t find joy in handing out traffic citations.  They would be much happier if they didn’t have to give any at all.  That may make their jobs quite cumbersome but it would also mean traffic law is upheld.  As much as they don’t like to give out tickets, it is their jobs to keep the road safe.  When pulled over for a traffic stop, it is best to be nice to the cop.  You want the cop to remember you as a nice person.  This will greatly help your case in court.

Red Flags Cops Watch Out For

As trained officers of the law, cops encounter all kinds of drivers all day.  They know which drivers will be difficult and possibly aggressive.  They also know which drivers they will let go.  Here are things to avoid on a traffic stop:

  1. Do not be defiant.  Follow what the cop says.  Being defiant will only make the whole process longer and harder for both of you.
  2. Do not flirt.  Cops already know the tactics both men and women do to get out of a ticket.  Flirting makes it look like you are not taking the situation seriously.  It may even come off as an insult to the cop.
  3. Do not make any sudden movements.  With the cop’s life on the line, it is understandable that they may get tense.  Before making any movements tell the cop what you are about to do.  Announce your actions so that they know you are not reaching for a weapon.


Traffic Court Las Vegas Lawyers

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Resolve Traffic Tickets Now!

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