Tips to Enjoy Las Vegas China Town Dim Sum Better

Las Vegas China Town Dim Sum is easy to love.  With its bite-sized, flavorful dishes, each meal is sure to be a feast.  Planning on indulging those dim sum cravings?  Here are some essential tips to make a dim sum meal even more enjoyable.

What to Pick

Not sure what to order at a dim sum restaurant?  Here is a list of must try dim sum dishes.  The har gow is considered as the king of dim sum. It made of fresh, shrimp mixed with crunchy bamboo shoots.  The paste is then wrapped in a translucent wrapper and steamed until it turns pink.  Another dish to try is the sui mai.  This dumpling is an Asian flavored meat ball wrapped in wheat dough.  There are any variations to this dish but the most popular ingredients are pork, shrimp, and roe.  Siu bao is next on the must try list.  It is a steamed bun filled with savory or sweet fillings.  The siu bao is usually enjoyed as the meal ends since it has a hint of sweetness to it.

Take It With Tea

Dim sum in Las Vegas China Town would not be complete without a side of tea.  Most dim sum restaurants offer different blends and herbal teas.  For those who want a dose of energy, black and green tea blends are perfect.  With 40 grams of caffeine for every 100 grams of tea, it is a great substitute for coffee.  These caffeine and antioxidant rich teas are best for brunch.  For those who want milder teas, herbal and floral teas are great for relaxing the mind and the stomach.  Choose Chrysanthemum, Oolong, and Jasmine teas.  These flowery and fragrant teas will help lift the mood and improve digestion.

Go for Authentic Las Vegas China Town Dim Sum

One of the best things about authentic Taiwanese dim sum is its freshness.  Although there quick, to-go dim sum meals, it’s hard to match the authentic kind.  Always go for the best dim sum Las Vegas China Town has in store.  Nothing beats the softness of freshly steamed buns and the flavorful handmade dumplings.

Enjoy Authentic Dim Sum on the Las Vegas Strip

Looking for a place to have a bite of the freshest dim sum in the city?  Head over to Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House today!  The restaurant is right at Paris Hotel and Casino lobby.  They serve lunch and dinner and are open from 10 am to 3 am.  For more information on the restaurant, call (702)778-8180.



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